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Thread: Microsoft wants to copyright 1 and 0

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    i got this from:

    what do u think about this...........?

    From: junkychrist

    Think about this for a minute.

    I am a computer programmer, and by that I mean my native language is C. I
    also code in assembler & other languages.

    I do not nor have I ever worked for MS. I have worked with mainframe as
    well as PC systems. If you are old enough like me or have studied the
    details of the computer industry prior to 1995, you will know that:

    1. IBM ran and runs the mainframe world. Read the license agreement on
    their software, noting the GSA clause. They are currently scrambling to
    update their archaic user interfaces to Microsoft quality (they are there
    except a marked absence of wizards and online help). The market is not
    booming for mainframe paperweights, otherwise I would say they will always
    run the mainframe world. To keep up with Microsoft, they are becoming a
    more responsive company.

    2. Novell had a monopoly on PC networking for about a decade until NT 4
    hit the mainstream in 95. In fact, Novell bought Unix from ATT around 87
    until 93 or so; most people don't know they owned the net until NT. (BTW,
    Novell sucked, sucks and will always suck. I imagine that it is through the
    massive security holes I found in Novell as recently as '98 and brass balls
    that Mitnik did much of his stuff.). Fortunately for us, the lack of any
    standards and competition made the industry tricky and the bastads sold
    their interest, perhaps phearing what has ultimately happened to MS.

    3. Apple computer is a hardware company that manufactures computers
    with a proprietary OS. Most importantly, during the late 80's when
    standards were evolving from the grassroots up, every manufacturer who
    didn't support the de facto standard imploded, which includes Apple, AST,
    ALR & competing standards for NICs, CDROMs & sound cards. Microsoft didn't
    destroy Apple, Apple's inability to adapt to the standard and competitively
    price their wares destroyed them. In fact, lets go one step further: IBM
    released their PC spec to the public domain around '83 because the US
    government was threatening to do to them what they did to Microsoft. This
    resulted in a global rush to make 'IBM compatable' PCs, the resulting
    competition drove the price down, pricing Apple out of the main market,
    leading to their downfall. One can infer that IBM destroyed Apple. Be glad
    they did, unless you feel that a basic PC should cost about $5000 US. Thank
    your uncle Sam for leaning on big blue.

    In this frame of reference Bill Gates aided the success of the PC with
    MSDOS. The worst you can honestly concede is that MS did beat PCDOS, and
    only by updating their product. Novell extended MSDOS to bring network
    capabilities to PCs, and through fair competition MS integrated networking
    support into their 95 & NT OS. This only took them ten years; they didn't
    gun for Novell, they aimed to please their consumers. Ever heard of 'LAN
    Manager'? If you are reading this you should be pleased: I would give an
    83% probability that you are on a PC have a Microsoft OS... and at least a
    20% probability that you didn't pay for it.

    So through timely and superior product development Microsoft was first
    to deliver USER FRIENDLY state of the art operating systems and compilers
    that actually compile executables that work consistently across industry
    standard platforms. I can't tell you how many years I have wasted patching
    my perfectly logical code to compile, only to track the bugs to compiler
    errors. As standards were agreed on, the last biggie (before OpenGL) being
    plug & play, Microsoft emerged in the industry with truly excellent
    operating systems and applications, forged over many years. Not the
    maturity of big blue or unix, but not the crap offered by hundreds of
    companies that no longer exist.

    Do you remember when IBM & Microsoft contracted to co-develop Windows & OS2?
    I can't imagine IBM, with their platoon of lawyers in New York to
    'accidentally' share with Microsoft the information they are alleged to
    have. Anyway, I think the development methods were probably more valuable
    to Microsoft. IBM relaxed their sphincter long enough for Bill to get a
    running start; I think they intended to use Microsoft to get the fed off
    their back but did not expect Bill to gain as much market share as he did,
    as small client-server PC networks displaced terminal-server environments.
    With the advent of the internet consumers voted with their dollars to make
    Microsoft #1: so who are you angry with? (especially if you didn't pay for
    your OS)

    So to wrap it up, IBM is big brother and Bill Gates is some guy who
    failed to stay out of the light. As Ken Kesey said (referring to John
    Lennon), the public eye has a cross hair on it. I don't like humans enough
    to to give as much as Mr. Gate has, and you couldn't pay me enough to put up
    with what he has. I would have closed Microsoft & given you all the finger.
    The predatory government of the United States has in recent years since the
    fall of soviet communism turned on its citizens, beginning with the tobacco
    industry, moving on to Microsoft and recently the utility companies. With
    Bill Clinton & Janet Reno out to pasture maybe, just maybe this madness will
    stop. I doubt it. Check and know that there are surveillance
    cameras every 0.7 miles on every freeway in California capable of counting
    your eyelashes a mile away, and also in most major cities in California. Of
    course, the government will not share these videos with you even if you are
    a victim in an accident; they assert that they are beyond the law. This is
    what the turd Bill Clinton liked about California.

    Bill Gates is big brother? Hardly. Please think for yourselves and form
    your own opinions and stop being brainwashed by tv.

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    does anyone have a copy right on hex yet.... iwant it.
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    wow?! that's new... how come anyone can patent numbers? therefore, we should ask permission to 'Bill Gates' that we should use 1 and 0 to use them in our daily lives.
    hmmm... does the 'egyptians' know this?
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    But if you still believe it....I have the copyright on the words "Hacker", "Cracker", and "Flame"... if you want to use those words please email me we can arrainge price per word deal...but act now, prices are going up.
    - Jimmy Mac

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    This sale is only good for 1 more hour. Anyone?
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    Does it have Internet Access? If so I might be interested.

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