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    hey guys well just curious i know openbsd is a unix type os. But is it worth downloading or buying what can i do with it does it have any advantages over linux mandrake. Should i put both openbsd and linux on 1 machine ?

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    As far as I know... (not much, BTW).

    OpenBSD is one of the most secure OS out there. To know which *nix flavor you need is just matter of the use you are going to give it. I recommend Mandrake for beginners, as well as Red Hat. It doesn't mean M or RH are worst than anything else, they just have a nice GUI.

    So, to install OpenBSD and Mandrake would only be worth in case you want to test (try) both and don't have another machine. I would recommend using OpenBSD with highly confidential information.

    It really is up to you and your needs...
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    Linux and FreeBSD can work together in one machine. Linux, however can do 4 different operating system (using partitions) and of course a good boot loader.
    I say this because I tried redhat 7.1 and Suse 8.0 in one machine. I think this could be fair in BSD type of computer.
    ***note*** just configure the partition properly.
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