I know this isn't the right place for this kind of question but I'll try my luck......

In HTML there is a way to include a file containing javascript like this: <SCRIPT type="text/javascript" src="thescript.js"></SCRIPT>. This will reduce download overhead if many pages contain the same scripts, you won't have to download the scripts every time. Instead the browser will find the "thescript.js"-file in the cache.

My problem is that I have to implement this in ASP. The javascript is the same for many of the pages, but it has to be genereated. So the file has the extension .asp (thescript.asp). If I try to include this file (SCRIPT type="text/javascript" src="thescript.asp"></SCRIPT>), i get an error-message.

There is no way I can make the javascript static, it has to be genereated. But still the download overhead has to be reduced..... Anybody got a solution?

Thanks in advance!