There was another thread on this topic some where else in the forms but I didn't feel like searching for it. This article caught my attention. X box may be able to be used for a "hacking tool" Original article is from:

From its cutting-edge graphics processor to the video game industry's first built-in hard drive, Microsoft's Xbox has been praised as one of the most technologically sophisticated game devices ever. But that's just not good enough for hardware and software experimenters who have been tinkering with the Xbox since the day it went on sale.
From the relatively benign efforts of software coders looking to capitalize on the Xbox's latent online capacity to hardware geeks willing to risk warranties and good sense in pursuit of better performance, the PC-derived design of the Xbox has encouraged an unprecedented level of tinkering for a game machine in the few weeks it has been on the market.

"It's a very powerful piece of hardware--that's what motivates us," said Dan Johnson, a high school senior from Sugarland, Texas, and creator of XboxHacker, a Web site dedicated to disseminating the latest information on Xbox tweaks. "It has the potential to do so much else. We can write lots of programs eventually to really exploit this thing."

Please read the full story and tell me your opinion of this article on the x-box...

Could the same exploit/hack be re-written for PS2 or the Game Cube?