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Thread: explorer!

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    Unhappy explorer!

    hi.... my explorer always freezes and i keep gettin a blue screen....anyway of fixing it? thanks for the help

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    Does it happen randomley? When your visiting a certain website? At a certain time? Post some details...

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    my comp should be ok for now...its not acting funny anymore...thanks!

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    Exclamation Re: Explorer!

    I have analyzed and interpreted the source of your problem by what little you have described.

    old version of IE
    new version of IE
    old version of Windows
    new version of Windows
    or alternatively, some 1337 h4x0r has
    given you the "B1u3 $cr33n 0f D34Th"

    Linux (a newbie distrobution)
    Go there and read ^


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    glad we could help!
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    Unhappy oh great!!!

    hey Remote_Access...the site is not takes me to an adult site.. ...thanks for the help people. You have my appreciation!

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    Hehe, it should be
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    Another good one is Good site, helpful peoples, (me included). No trolls. Just really starting to take off. Only about 500 or so regular users.
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    Its good your ie repaired itself, and even better that you're thinking of trying linux - but you should be aware of internet explorers option to repair itself - go to start - settings - controlpanel - add/remove programs, when you click internet explorer you'll get the option the reinstall, repair or remove ie. If you're using a version below 5.5 you'd be safer updating it though.

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