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Thread: What's with the site?

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    Question What's with the site?

    Anybody know what's happened with the site? The forums are great but the news postings are collecting dust and I haven't seen a Mailbag in months. I was away for a while so I may have missed something obvious. Can anyone tell me what prompted the change? Maybe JP is just busy chasing bad guys. Cool if that's the reason. Just wondering. Dave St.

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    JP is away in Afghanistan playing security he's stuck at home with broken legs because his creditors finally caught up with him.

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    Post ...

    ...Or maybe he's just to busy to be bothered with the site anymore because of people like you...
    ...This Space For Rent.


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    "bothered by this site"

    this site happens to be the flagship of an incorporated corporation with investors.

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    I've been around here for quite a while and have noticed that sometimes mailbags and news posts dry up for a while. It usually means J.P. and the rest of the guys up at Antionline are busy working on the site and keeping everything running smoothly. I'm willing to bet we'll see another post quickly here.


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