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Thread: hi people ! about lnx suse

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    Question hi people ! about lnx suse

    configuration of sound in suse and samba please

    mi ingles es patetico por fabor disculpen mi estilo cavernicola de hablar ..
    gracias !!!

    Thanks !!

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    not distribution dependent
    check out OSS and the linux doc webpage has a samba howto

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    Sound should be easily configured in Yast2.
    Just auto configure and if that doesn't work do it manually and make sure you increase the volume from 10 to about 80.
    Samba can be installed by running Yast2 as well, go to software/packages and you can select what programs you want to remove or add.
    Networking should have samba in it.
    This all depends on the distro you have, 7.2 does this all so 7.3 must be better.

    Su Ingles no es tan malo, puedo preguntarle algo? ud. vive en Espana/Sur America? Es mejor probar Hispa Fuentes, el Linux distribution en espanol.

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