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Thread: THX-certified???

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    Question THX-certified???

    Can anyone tell me exactly wat is a THX-certified web browser at describe at

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    Well, the only thing I know about THX is that they make sound...lots of sound....really really good sound. If you haven't looked at the Klipsch ProMedia 2.1, 4.1, and 5.1 speakers, you need to check them out. Most expensive computer speakers you can buy (I have the 2.1 model, 2 speakers w/ subwoofer) but they can literally shake the sheetrock off the walls! Amazing clarity and whatnot from them and definitely worth every penny.

    I'm guessing that Lucas has THX certification towards the sound/etc they're using or something like that...maybe the hardware they're using, who knows....I don't watch Star Wars (no flames, I never got to see the first set until I moved back to the States in '87).

    Check out Klipsch's ProMedia speakers here ! You won't regret it!
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