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Thread: You And Your Autumn Sweater

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    You And Your Autumn Sweater

    <autumn> JP is mine in HYPERSPACE

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    Thumbs down

    um.....that's nice.

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    Question :WTF?:

    I was waiting for someone else to reply to this before I did. I was going to let it drop and I was hoping that it would just drop to the bottom of the discussion forms.

    This is another example of why the antipoints should stay.

    This person deserves every one of the negative antipoints that he/she gets. This would be more acceptable is it was in the general chit chat section, but this has no relevance what so ever. none. zero. zilch. na da. null. nothing.

    And you didn't even quote JP correctly.
    I thought it said " Yours in cyberspace."
    Although I could be wrong.


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