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Thread: SILC - Secure Internet Live Conferencing

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    Talking SILC - Secure Internet Live Conferencing

    resembles an IRC but providing security and authentication for all the messages.
    uses symmetric n assymetric encrpytion algorithms and supports socks 4 n 5 protocols.
    many more features.....
    more information can be viewed HERE

    just read about it n wondering if works the way it claims.
    can't use it myself as port 706(think thats the port it uses) is blocked here.

    just wanted to know if anyone uses it here.n what do they think bout it???
    n which is the most secured chatting s/w according to u.

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    Some people might need a secure IRC. In bussinesses where people work toghether on different locations they might need something like this. If they exchange secret information, that is. But I think I would go for mail with PGP or a peer-to-peer solution with encryption. I'm not very happy with the centralized servers, you never know who host them, and what's their intentions. You could just put up a server yourself, I guess.

    This seem to be a good product, though. And the technology is well-known, so I don't doubt that it keeps it's promises. But somehow all these products has it's flaws. I don't know about this one, though, but I'm pretty sure someone will find a security hole or two. But the developers will probabaly patch it up.

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