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Thread: Warez Crackdown Is Just the Beginning

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    Warez Crackdown Is Just the Beginning

    The full article can be viewed Here
    Warez Crackdown Is Just the Beginning
    The U.S. Customs Service has said that the crackdown on warez sites illegally trading software has just begun, and many other sites both within and outside the U.S. will be raided in the next days.
    "This is only the first step," a spokesman for the department said. "The investigation is ongoing." As many as 15 other countries are considering taking part in the crackdown.
    The crackdown has been criticized for focusing on kids trading games, and not people selling software for a profit. "Throwing the book at these guys is the wrong thing to do," said a security expert.

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    very interesting

    Very interesting read there...but it's also like trying to stop those rampant pop-ups that exist on porn sites, you can stop a few but you can't get them all! *hehe* I hope though that this does limit the piracy a bit because anyone who writes a good program/makes a movie/makes a good game should get what's due, not get ripped off by the people who want everything for free and will not be hindered by the rules in order to get it.
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    The poor have no bread, well let them eat cake.

    how many of you, have not gained knowledge you wouldn't have if it wasn't for cracked or pirated software. A lot of us have learned skills that are essential to getting by, not necessarily ahead, from illegal software, this stuff can’t be gotten from the library. You can only get a job doing something you have the skills for and you can’t buy anything unless you have a good job.
    I have never worked for a company that has not purchased the software rhey use. But I know that they are out there. Why isn’t the crack down on that aspect of society? Their busting kids and students for loitering, while the liquor store is being held up at gunpoint, this is nothing new. I don’t believe software companies are loosing money from this, but they think they are judging from the number of downloads they see. Those downloads would not otherwise be sales. The only people who stand to gain from this are lawyers and all that this will result in is all of us being watched even more closely by big brother.
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    Well lets just how it goes and then pass comment, lets see if they are full of hot air or if they can pull this one off!

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    So this is where my tax dollars go - into shutting down sites that are 97% porn popups and have maybe 2 pieces of pirated software on them, lovely...once warez sites are gone people will just flock to something like kazza or limewire or morpheus or plain old IRC for thier pirating needs anyway - I want my money back, at least if it was me wasting it I could have a shiny new GeForce 3 to show for it
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    they can't stop friends from sharing their computer-files but they can stop the big pirates who makes a living of illegally copying software and selling it... it's stupid to bust kids for sharing a couple of games... a couple of months ago a big net-party here in Denmark was shut down by the danish policy and all 400 kids got threatened with lawsuits... the police made copies of the main ftp-log and were able to see what every1 had downloaded.... the ppl responsable for the net-party and ftp got big fines but that wasn't enough for the police... they're still messing around with the kids trying to make them sign strange documents that will make them loose a lot of money.... why ruin so many young ppl's future??? stop the big guys, because without them the little guys wont be a problem... I'm all against pirating and programmers deserve good money for their hard work... it's just to bad that kids with a couple of illegal downloads in their past looses their future... they even busted ppl for just having a couple of MP3s! that was actually the real reason why the police came... to stop illegal copying of music... what a joke!
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    Originally posted by Tedob1
    The poor have no bread, well let them eat cake.

    How very true.

    It appears that education is only for the rich. Heaven forbid that the lower middle class want an education.

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    Adverage Joe Blow

    It appears that ecucation is only for the rich. Heaven forbid that the lower middle class want an education.
    It may appear that way but that's not necessarily the case. I'm an adverage every day Joe Blow from the lower middle class. And there's nothing wrong with that. I droped out of high school but I decided I wanted to be some one. I wanted to get out of this God forsaken place. The only way I could think of to do so was by furthering my education. I'm currently enrolled in a "Hands on" community college. I'm sure that you can probably find one in your area. I'm not rich by no means but I'm happy. I've got a kid to raise and it wouldn't be a very good example if I droped out of school and didn't get a good job/career. Community colleges and some others offer Pell grants and other types of financial aid for those who can't afford an education... such as my self. You can find out more information on the internet. A great place to look would be here.


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    Yikes !!

    Okay, how about this scenario ?

    A small businessman (in the computer industry) can't make a software sale. Why ? Cause there's a ton of pirated/copied/borrowed software around.

    How does he survive ?

    I'm not defending the software companies. I think they overcharge (monstrously, at times).

    The programmer was paid an hourly rate to write the code, and then its stamped out by the thousands. Profit going where ?
    (not the programmer).

    (I'm going to duck to avoid the flaming) Even the most honest of people has at least one piece of software they didn't buy legally.

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    Okay, how about this scenario ?

    A small individual interested in a particular piece of software.
    (in the computer industry)

    can't afford the software. Why ?
    Cause there's a ton of *******s/companies/orginizations that require a fee for the use of their software.

    How does he survive ?
    Piracy. Warez. The "Underground"

    I'm not defending the software companies. I think they overcharge (monstrously, at times).

    The individual wasn't paid an hourly rate to afford the the software, and then goes to other means of aquireing the software... searching websites by the thousands.

    Profit going where ?
    not the programmer. not the companies/*******s/orginizations.
    nowhere. Why? cause it was aquired by other means free of charge.

    I'm not going to duck to avoid the flaming. I take responsability for my actions/post.

    Even the most honest of people has at least one piece of software they didn't buy legally.
    And why do you think that is?


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