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Thread: Java Contest for NOKIA

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    Java Contest for NOKIA

    As I'm waiting for a download I went to go search for more cool tunes for my brand new cell phone. Early Christmas present from Santa. Anyway I came accross somthing that caught my eye

    Go here

    Now you can click on the banner right when the page opens or you can scroll down to the bottom and click the link Mobile Challenge.

    I thought this would be cool for people to know, Obviousley Nokia doesn't advertise these types of things and I know there are some good programmers here. I know it's very hard to get your foot in the door as a software engineer just starting out, well if you don't want to start with debugging for the first 3 years lol.

    So I hope you guys find this interesting.

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    Thanks for this interesting link, a little christmas challenge. I just love the holidays, you have time to do all this nerdy type of things!

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    Did you read the prizes that you can win? There are some really nice phones up for grabs! I think you everyone who has a sound knowledge of java should join.
    Now isn't this what AO should be all about? Sharing and extending good ideas that will possibly help someone?
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    Yeah you get rewarded and then you get the credit. Which is good because when you put that on a resume man your not doing debugging for the first three years. It's a good way to atleast get your foot in the door. I'm going to try making a game with the java. I would have to agree the holidays give you plenty of time to do all the nerdy things. I'm finally free of school and I'm focusing on my Bill Pay Reminder Program and I'm going to try to do the Java on the plane on my way to San Diego to meet everyone for christmas.

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