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    Post Shell Accounts

    I am trying to get a shell account. What is the best way to do such? What IS a shell acount?

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    A shell account is a command line interface to a (usually) remote unix/linux box - it used to be mainly telnet access but telnet transfers all data in plain text (including username/password) so its more sensible now to use ssh - secure shell - which encrypts all the data.
    If you didn't know what it is how did you know you wanted it? ;-)

    Now that you do know, if you do a search on google for "free shell accounts" you should find something.

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    now some websites offer free shell accounts but they are just too small when it comes to sizes.. free ones are normaly only 5MB.. dats tha biggest they offer.. if u want something reasonably bigger.. you have to pay for it..

    and yeah.. you also have to check on the provider's site to see how u can connect to that account.. coz some of them doesnt only offer telnet services but FTP too..

    hmmi would suggest that u should learn some linux/unix commands b4 getting a shell account coz you would have no idea what to do once u get connected coz you wont know the commands unless you have handled unix before..

    but if they offer FTP services then you dont have to worry about telnet....

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    You could also find someone really cool to give you one. Or better yet, install linux on your home machine, and run the shell from there. If you need it for storage, away from home, there are places where you can get like 50 mb for free via a web bassed server, just no shell. It all depends on why you want the shell.

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    Thank you very much. So if i run RedHat Linux, where is it that i can access this shell? I was interested because i had seen "shell account" used frewuently in various manuals of Linux.

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    You can get a free-shell account in

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    I recommend installing Linux, this is for two reasons.

    Shell accounts have been popular with hackers for years, so.... a large number of applications are restricted and you can not use them.

    The other is that a fair number of the really bitchin Unix commands require root privi's to run. Which you will not ever have on a shell account.

    If you are still interested in getting a shell account though, try

    They are pretty good, run Red Hat 7.1, and you will have some super basic functions available to you including email via mutt or pine.

    Just do a google search for
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    shell accounts

    shell accounts will vary with the services they offer. most can be tailored to suit your needs for a fee, of course

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    from the happyhacker website:

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