Hi, all. Glad to be activated at last. I wonder...Two nights ago, after having installed Zonealarm just previous to this day, I got a alert from the firewall saying something like:

Zonealarm has blocked access to your computer from IP - this and that, who was trying to send a package through your computor to IP That and this.

Somewhere in that text the words "routed traffic" was mentioned as well. Iam not in a network, I go through modem and I'am wonderin' what's happening. My concern is that I might 've been used as " ? " before I got this firewall. If someone is sending data through my computor am I not likely to be the "sender" in the recievers eyes ? This doesn't fell good.

Could anyone try to explain to me what has happened, or rather could 've happened if I wasn't behind a firewall.

Tanx in advance