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    Extreme Tech Daily just release reviews of some of the more common distro's of linux.

    These new releases of Linux are the best, most refined, easiest to
    install that the world has yet seen. They make Linux more accessible
    to the uninitiated while sacrificing none of the power. Join frequent
    ExtremeTech forum contributors and Linux experts Brian Masinick and
    Ralph Glanz as they get under the covers of these new distros.

    ->Mandrake Linux 8.1
    An excellent distro for newbies and oldbies alike--simple to install and maintain

    ->Red Hat 7.2
    The most recognized Linux distro improves stability, compatibility, and scalability

    ->SuSE Linux 7.3
    Professional-looking and stable distro with numerous configuration features

    ->Libranet 1.9.1
    Libranet improves Debian Linux ease of use and is rich with development features
    for the entire article.

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    bah humbug

    Just gimme an ic board, a Flash card, a battery and Slackware. I'll port zdoom via telekenisis and hack into AT&T's mainframe with a furby over uucp and run a cron job to trojan all Windows XP machines with an outdated version of VMS.

    ./configure && make && make install --no-matter-what

    Just kidding.

    Nice review.
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    granted that may be a good idea to cronjob all windows xp boxes with outdated VMS..

    I say you use mysql on a windows 95 telnet shell and have it create a database out of the logs it stores for all the computers connected to it. Compile that database into a ASCII text file and use a altered version of ping to send fragmented packets to, Then exploit the internet explorer bug and change the wallpaper on all windows9x boxes to the wonderful tux logo. while running a macro to have the computers delete the in the windows directory.. rename msdos.sys to ihateyou.bch and have it exploit every os/2 box and force them to fax files to a toaster using IPX/SPX (Net bios protocal engaged of course) to my refridgerator magnet which can through static electricity evaporate osama bin laden.
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