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Thread: ftp ?

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    ftp ?

    If I have a ftp port open is it easy for someone to get access over my system if so how can I provent it?


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    Re: ftp?


    If you have a ftp port open it is easy for someone to get access over your system. How can you prevent it? I would recomend downloading a firewall.
    The port may be open if your downloading or uploading something from an ftp site. Other than that I don't see why you would have an ftp port open. Hope this helps.


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    Hi! Thanks for posting!

    As far as FTP is concerned, the daemon that listens to port 21 for incoming connections is what you want to make sure you have locked down. Below is a short list of things to beware with FTP.

    1: buffer overflows using attacks on the ftp daemon (to fix this, find out who makes the FTP server (found out by ftp'ing to yourself, it should say in the intro login) and going to their website to upgrade or patch your version). This will keep nasties from sending fragmented/oversized information to your ftp daemon and causing it to crash into a shell.

    2: bounce attacks - some people use ftp servers to 'forward' themselves to another site, similar to IP spoofing, only using other machines to mask their presence. This probably has already been fixed with your ftp daemon but check the web site.

    3: anonymous ftp - make sure you have your anonymous ftp directories locked down and if you have high bandwidth and traffic, lock down the quotas so they can't put more than X number of megs, therefore keeping your disk space from disappearing. Some people like to find unset anon. servers and dumping pr0n/scripts/etc onto it then tell their friends and they do the same thing. A great page for this is located here so check it out!

    Checking the vendor site and checking the site I passed along will get you going in the right direction of keeping your ftp safe. Generally, it's not the first thing to be hit but it's good to keep up the security.

    Have a good day!
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    Theres nothing more to say...really nice post!
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