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Thread: Charges dropped

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    Post Charges dropped

    I thought some find this of interest.
    \"SI JE PUIS\"

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    That is a good thing. All he did was make a tool that could read his books on whatever platform he chose. There was a similar case about a year ago. This guy got hold of the encryption key for the DVDs. There wasn't any software to play DVDs on Linux, and he made one. Then he published the source. He got busted, and the trial is coming up shortly. I suppose his odds are good, then.....

    The only problem is that this kind of information can be used for copying the DVDs/BOOKs as well, but I don't think that should be allowed for at all. I mean, if I buy a Sony DVD and it's only possible to play it on a Sony DVD player, would it make me a criminal if I modified a Philips DVD player and played it on that instead? I dont think so.

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