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Thread: Gokar worm

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    Post Gokar worm

    \"SI JE PUIS\"

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    Yes I have heard about W32/Gokar@MM and also read about it at NAI I have not seen in in the wild yet. NAI had not much to tell about W32/Gokar@MM except that NAI had updated their extra virus defenitions against it, their Risk Assessment level was low.

    Sophos had more to say about W32/Gokar@MM more to read here.

    Thanks for the link to CNN though. They had almost more to tell then NAI and Sophos :-).


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    It appears to be the next nasty little worm.....

    VirusList go into quite some detail about it. It's good to see "worm alerts" back on the main page rather than "worst job?" or "need a crack"

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