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Thread: reinstalling IE

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    reinstalling IE

    I installed XP Corperate Pro a while ago and I'm in a bind. Everytime I start up and/or get on/offline I get two identical errors in succession saying there was an error with the calandar and I should reinstall Internet Explorer (I think thats what it said).
    If this is the case, how can I just reinstall IE? And if not, does anyone else know how to fix this error?
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    Can you pleas post the EXACT error messages word for word?
    Any way to reinstall IE again go into the IE folder and click on setup.exe This will reinstall it but you can only HOPE it takes away the error message. I would uninstall the offending program you installed first though

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    Post IE uninstall

    If you were to fully uninstall IE (program files, drivers, protocols, etc), wouldn't Windows recognize that fact on startup (or an attempt to connect) and ask you to "insert WinXP CD" to reinstall all of IE in full?...perhaps you just got a twitchy installation the first time.
    Happened to me when I reinstalled (after format c: ) Win98...IE wouldn't even start, and got error messages to the effect of 'something in your registry is missing' (*.dll is not found) or something like that...

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    reload win xp

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