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Thread: I want to dual-boot winXP and Linux

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    I want to dual-boot winXP and Linux

    Any pointers or good tutorials anyone can point me to?
    Also basic directions in lamons terms could help.
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    Most versions of linux will install LILO, Linux loader, which lets you type in the partition you want to boot from. So install XP then Linux and you should be able to use LILO to boot both of them. Look up the help for your specific version of Linux so you get more detailed intructions on setting it up. The program you should do it though though is linuxconf I think.

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    If you're running XP, LILO will not boot to it if it's on an NTFS partition cos LILO doesn't like NTFS for some reason, so you'd have to put XP on a FAT32 partition, or use a 3rd party boot manager, but apart from that it's the same as any other Linux installation - see my post in the tutorials forum on installing linux for more details!!
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