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Thread: SuSE! I love it

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    Talking SuSE! I love it

    I am busy writing a tutorial on SuSE for the tutorial section and whas wondering how many of you use SuSE and what has been giving you installation problems so far.
    Please msg. me or post your questions/tips here. I hav been using SuSE for allmost 3 years now.

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    I had a SuSE install disk once but never tried it, I wish I had now but I've lost the CD!

    I've tried Mandrake and RedHat.
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    Same goes for me Rewandythal.
    Hey just had a look and goes what I found, SuSe Linux 6.4 (complete version with digital guide) and Slackware Linux 7.1.

    Man I'm even richer than I thought

    Focmaester, I would say go ahead. Always useful to have a complete guide, specialy if it has been written by someone who has been using it for 3 years.

    I'll be using it for sure. Keep on writting

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    I cut my linux teeth with suse 5.1 - it certainly rocks. Have you ever tried debian focmaester?

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    Suse through and through

    So I hate redhat..

    I've actually been using suse since 6.4 the only thing I didnt like about it was all the extra's (I'm a vanilla load type guy)

    that and the samba install provided was broken so you needed to reinstall before use (but then again a good admin ALWAYS patches everything before deployment) I ran it (7.0) for's backbone for quite a while nobody even knew we were on samba for the first four months. the features are rich, and its quite stable, Yast makes patches quick, and the server ran for a total of 283 days of uptime (shutdown only due to the company closing).

    as far as the debian post... (I'm a big debian nut!!! ) I do actually prefer suse over debian.... but then again maybe not..... Slak still takes it!! (I tole ya I'm a vanilla type guy)


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    Wink I'v got suse 7.1

    Running SuSe 7.1 on 5 servers no problems here got squirrelmail 1.0.6 running and no probs here....

    Just the thing that debian is more stable and better.....

    But SuSe is so easy....
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    I gotta get my hands on some SuSe..
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    Originally posted by petemcevoy
    I cut my linux teeth with suse 5.1 - it certainly rocks. Have you ever tried debian focmaester?
    No, I never got the time to test it. I did have a long discussion during HAL2001 with ppl. about SuSE and Debian.
    What I heard is " Debian is nice when you need to control a lot of machines over a network"
    What they meant by that exactly beats me.
    SuSE is very stable, I have tried RedHat, Mandrake and small floppy distro's as well. What I like about SuSE is when you buy the package you get so much documentation and a lot of packages.

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    I use SuSE 6.4 as my primary operating system. I have used SuSE for many years for one reason, the mascot is nice looking. I do not see how it is any better than any other linux distribution. Each distribution contains the same crap. I would never even consider SuSE 6.4 for a production environment or for anything more than maybe a webserver or an email server, but that is just because it is linux. We use only solaris 8 at work for the servers, and i do all of my development in solaris. I also use solaris 8 at home on a blade 100. it is far superior to linux.

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    I'm using SuSE 7.3 and it's very nice.
    Easy & complete, reliable & secure.
    I prefer it over Mandrake & RedHat


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