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Thread: SuSE! I love it

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    well said oblio, I do have a tendancy to cringe when using linux for core services, I usually stick to BSD for core and Linux on edge level. But then again BSD (and in your case Solaris) have been around for a much longer time. Hence the proven stability!!

    Suse is the only Linux distro I've ever used for a core fileserver and I was quite pleased. I may try it again soon, however I'll keep my apache installs on BSD. Although powerful, and quick to evolve! Linux is still in it's infancy (okay so more around the puberty stages) whereas BSD and Solaris are tangling with middle age (oh no, I hope we dont see a mid life crisis!). But you gotta give it props, at least the yearn for stability and growth is there... seems M$ keeps changing things before their platforms even hit adolescence.... kinda scary really.

    I suppose it all depends on what tools youre using in my case, one should never stick with a platform simply because of personal taste alone. The platform should match the job. I suppose Linux is moving more toward user friendly desktop type uses, which of course will cut its use among backbone server operations. But it's good to see something with a nice interface and a lot of power.

    (and beleive it or not, I actually kinda like NT 4.0......... kinda)

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    Originally posted by TheProphet
    Same goes for me Rewandythal.
    Hey just had a look and goes what I found, SuSe Linux 6.4 (complete version with digital guide) and Slackware Linux 7.1.

    Man I'm even richer than I thought

    Focmaester, I would say go ahead. Always useful to have a complete guide, specialy if it has been written by someone who has been using it for 3 years.

    I'll be using it for sure. Keep on writting
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    I'm a big Slackware fan. Gotta love the simplicity!

    I'd like to give Suse a try, I've heard good things about it.

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    Thumbs up Re: SuSE! I love it

    I'm using SuSE since 6.2 through to 7.3, the installation is far easier now (as easy as M$ in the positive - but somtime in the negative sense).

    We are looking forward to replace some IBM AIX by

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    Yeah that would be good. I have to use Suse for my networking class next semester. I could definatley use it to get a head in the class.

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    Question You lika da SuSE ehh...


    I am kind of a beginner with SuSE and have always heard great things about it so i got a live eval copy of 7.2 (i dont really have much financial resources at this time to get a real copy).
    1)How would you boot up into Yast (It automaticly boots into Yast2)?

    2)I need it to connect to my Linsys LAN and need the following info...

    a)how do i get the domain search list and the nameserverlist that it asks for (i have a win2k adv. srv.)
    b)can you give me any hints/knowledge you might have to set up Linux to go through a Linksys Cable/DSL router.

    thanks in advance,
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    Slackware Linux, because simplicity is Divine.

    Suse is cool, I feel that it has a very good shot as a contender to Windows on the desktop due to the ever increasing ability of YAST. In a few more releases a user probably won't need to know anything about Linux to use Suse with ease.

    By all means write your tutorial, that is what AO needs more of imho.

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    i had problems with Redhat 7.0

    I had a problem installing Redhat on a 486DX 33 (ancient technologies). The problem was that the HD had too many cylinders (more then 1224 or such), it would install completly but then at the end when it checks the installation or whatever it does then and it would give this error. But what installing LINUX on a more recent computer concerns: can it get easier then this???
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    The problem is probably that your boot partition is to big,
    it has to be in the range of 7,8 GB

    Linux can not boot using LILO when the boot partition exceeds the 1023 cylinder.

    Create a partition that starts and ends before that cylinder.

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