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Thread: Hey who tweaked my settings?

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    Hey who tweaked my settings?

    Ok I just want to know what's with my computer. I ran Norton after getting a LiveUpdate and it scanned all of my computers files but no trace of a virus. Could some messed up java code be doing this I took a screen capture of what looks like so you guys would have a better clue of what's going on. Also I'm getting white streaks across my startmenu icon on the toolbar. I haven't got the usual virus behavior but maybe it is I'm not sure.

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    I don't see what's so weird from here. Could you either post more, or try out a different monitor? When you talk about white streaks in the start menu, I start thinking about Windows having a bug-snowball, where the bugs cause more bugs cause more bugs...

    If you're desperate, try running sfc.exe (System File Checker). It should be in C:\windows\ or c:\windows\system. It can check files for changes and restore old versions from the CD or from the c:\windows\options\cabs\ directory.
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    Yes Terr is right...It just looks larger than I like..If something has changed are controlled by the registry settings boot to a command prompt and do a scanreg/restore...choose a date before the modification took place...thats in 98 you can use system restore if you have Milly

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    Post hmmm...

    Isn't there a function in IE that allows you to change the text display/size/color, etc? I think there is, and perhaps either that somehow got screwed with by a bug, or someone else, if someone else uses your comp...
    As far as the white lines...I've never heard of it...

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    Hey, I am about 90% sure you have a microsoft lazer mouse or at least one with a scroll wheel. Anyhow if it is press ctrl + the scroll wheel (scroll up and down until it looks right). Hope it helps.

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    Looks to me like........

    It just looks like IE is set to display the font LARGE....

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