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Thread: newest technology

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    newest technology

    today i was talking to a friend and he has been locked for hacking, and hes told me that the government has stuff that i cant even think of...... ive heard that they have 4.4 ghz processors.......and etc..... oh yea cameras in satilitess that can see almost anything on the planet.....

    but iwas just wondering if anyone knows about any other "hidden" technologies?

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    When you're born, the doctors put a little tracker chip in you, so the government can see everywhere you go. There are cameras EVERYWHERE, including bathrooms, and even inside you. About 1 in 10 people you see on the street is a federal agent, armed with a phaser, much like the ones in Star Trek. Everywhere you go, they can see you. Everything you do, they know about. There is no escape. They're after all of us. ALL OF US! OH GOD NO!!! AAAARRRRGGGGHHHH!!!!

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    Just another curse of the ills of paranoid thought.

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    actually the government hides a lot of technology from the general public but some of the stuff you might can actually be a bunch of bull#%@. i bet they hav much more advanced technology than we might initially presume but you have to separate fact from fiction.
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    Post Cameras

    I'm pretty sure that the 'cameras on satellites' thing is true, and not just because I've watched "Enemy of the State" too many times.

    "entia non sunt multiplicanda praeter necessitatem"

    "entities should not be multiplied beyond necessity."

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    Yeah well we have alot of amazing technology in our hands right now....for example...we got PGP...that's like military grade security...and sum other stuff i dunno but there's way more powerful computers than 4.4 ghz.. and you know WHAT??? they even found life on other planets....they just won't tell us....Bin Laden's an alien! so is Bush! maybe you can find some more....
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    Good god almighty I have not laughed so hard since the 3 stooges go a plumbing.
    stflook keep up the great posts.
    But all that aside, we do need to be somewhat paranoid of what the fed is doing, I.E Carnivore and the likes, jeez even asking the Antivirus vendors to put a hole in their programs for them to use, jeez don't they know that will open the programs for all to bypass. The fed as even admitted that they cannot keep up with the Hackers of the world, they even recruit talent at the hacker conventions.
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    Ok, ok. I promised my chief I wasn't gonna tell anyone about all the stuff the Government hides.

    I was just sitting here (Area 51, level -40) minding my own business, reading a comic, not looking at all these super 10.6 ghz processors, spy satellites watching everybody on earth (and I know what you did last summer stflook ). But I just can't handle all these comments anymore.

    So anyone having questions ???

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    airgapô technology blocks all fed programs (rofl)

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    I have just built my own quantum computer system using electron
    based logic gates.It allows me multi-dimentional portal access when traveling to another galaxy.I can also access the US gov.'s secret surv. satelite and watch your every move.


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