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    Pleaz, I'll send you pointz (approvez, green buttonz), but you should send me anti-points (disapprovez, red buttonz) for ever. Merry Christmas OhOhOh.

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    You do realsie your antipoints are worth nothing sebastos12 so when youre running around giving everybody bad AP it is having no effect.
    Sorry to ruin your little joyous lifestyle but someone had to tell you.

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    Ennis: Glad to see your return, folks like yourself have made AO what it is. (A place to learn and teach).
    KNOWLEDGE IS OF TWO KINDS: We know a subject ourselves or we know where to find information upon it. SAMUEL JOHNSON

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    I thought it was sort of funny when I received this comment in my AP list:

    If you don't send me anti-points (disapproves) i will send you anti- points for ever by sebastos12 Merry Christmas OhOhOh
    So... It seems like the sender wanted me to send APs... <shrug>

    Really Sebastos, you're AP values are like dirt at this point. You can give whatever you want, but only the comment will matter to most people... Although I wish we coulda kept him in the dark.
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