Can anyone tell me where I can get a good, free internet packet sniffer for windows? I have download tons of viruses and tons of non working programs trying to get one. The other thing I am looking for is softice. Do you know where you can get a free version? Last of all I would like to close with a word to those supposedly "High Tech Hackers". First of all I have never got a bad point from a bad post, so I speak for most of the newbies. You guys where once newbies to, and you probably asked stupid questions too. Now when we ask them you think your too high and mighty to answer a simple question. The things you condem you do yourself. For instance a lot of people want to hack hotmail or yahoo email accounts. Even if this has no reason they just want to learn to hack. You guys hack sites all the time, but of course when you do it, it is all right. But when a newbie asks a question you chastize them. How do you expect us to LEARN anything? Webpages are useally over our head, are infested with porn, or tell you nothing. It seems to me you high tech guys think its cool to cuss and be as illiterate as possible. I want to be a hacker, but no one will help me. This post will probably get negitive points, but the price is worth it. THIS DOES NOT APPLY TO ALL HACKERS. SOME ARE REALLY NICE AND HELPFUL. THEY ARE FEW AND FAR APART. ONE OF THE NICE ONES I THINK IS SONIC. IF YOU HAVE INFO OR FLAMES SEND THEM TO