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    Question QBasic

    I have looked all over the internet for a working, download of qBasic 4.5. Does anyone here know of a good site to download it. So far, all of the ones i visited have broken links or do not supply it. Thank You.

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    What version comes on the Windows cd? It's in the oldmsdos folder. If you want to be able to compile programs then try FirstBasic, almost identical to QBasic and it lets you compile the programs. Otherwise, learn a better programming language.

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    qbasic is used primaraly to pass a BASIC programming class.
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    Re: QBasic

    I'm not sure if it's legal to copy that version of QBasic. At least QuickBasic is not free. But it's on the Windows CD like someone already said. The folder is Others\Oldmsdos. Remember to copy qbasic.hlp also. (The main file is, surprisingly, qbasic.exe...) You should put it under Windows\Command so it can be accessed from any directory (It's in The Path ).

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    hahah damn i thought QBasic is extinct.. i thought im the last qbasic programmer in this world.. hahha

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    Gorillas.bas is the only useful program ever written in QBasic.
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    Basic is basic

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    Quick Basic still has value after all of these years. If you are just beginning to learn how to program, QBasic provides you with a much easier learning curve than with more advanced languages such as C++. Another benefit is that many of the commands in Visual Basic are the same as in QBasic, so if you learn QBasic, vb should be a little easier to learn. Check out for my QBasic programming Tutorial. As for the compiler, I don't believe that you can get it for free.
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    Originally posted by UberC0der
    Gorillas.bas is the only useful program ever written in QBasic.
    snake/nibbles wasn't too bad.
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