Alright, I have got a little problem. Asking for some help from anyone on here with some computer repair experience. I build computers often. I do not have any real test equipment, which might come in handy for problems like the one I have.

Okay I have a mainboard motherboard with an 800 megahertz processer that both seem to work. I switched the processor to another computer and it ran fine. I have a radeon video card, and all other hardware needed. Meaning i have the essentials, ram hard-drive cd-rom floppy, and nothing else connected. Ram is compatible with my system as is the processor. But there is a problem.
Upon power-up motherboard light goes on, hard drive engages and begins to spin cd-rom works. But nothing appears on the monitor. The monitor is operational, I checked. Also I switched the video card with another, which did nothing. I also switched to a videocard that was a PCI and still nothing. So there it is, anyone got any ideas?

I figure either the motherboard is bad or the processor. Will the hard drive spin if the motherboard is not operational. My guess is a long as there is power it will spin. Also it is a jumperless motherboard.
So if anyone has ran into this problem before, then let me know. Also is there somewhere that i can get the equipment to test the motherboard. Equipment that will test the slots and other thing. Well thanks for your help!
keep it coming.....