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Thread: ide ultra DMA

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    ide ultra DMA

    Does anyone know or have used "ide ultra DMA" for linux?. It suppose to improve your HD performance but it also says that it can be fatal to ones HD or files.

    any info would help.



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    it doesn't matter if u use linux or windoze.... if ur HDs doesn't support UDMA then don't use it on them... it's as simple as that ..
    most HDs do however support it (if they're less than 2 years old).
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    The DMA support in older linux kernels (2.2.x) are experimental and it can be fatal to your files (lose files or corrupted files). The support in the newer kernels (2.4.x) is better though.

    But I would still recomend you the read all man pages about the DMA module before using it. And be sure to use it on a DMA HDD.

    You can find some information from SuSE here.

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