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Thread: many thanks to the very few kind people

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    Unhappy many thanks to the very few kind people

    to the very few kind people that decided to try and help me, regarding my previous posting: PLEASE HELP I NEED A CRACK OR KEYGEN.
    my quest to find this illusive crack has been to no avail, i have yet to find somebody that has cracked cyberscrub 1.0 pro. thanks for the suggested sites but as of yet none of them contain the requested crack.
    as for the large number of negative responses i had. examples include: why ask a silly question, go out and buy it (don`t you think that if i had the money to purchase this product at the inflated price they ask for it i would have), this is not a warez site, stop using caps, i will have to flame you e.t.c.
    my reply to you people is GROW UP AND GET A LIFE, don`t you people realise that your personalities are very see-through.

    somebody asks for help, but you don`t know the answer so what do you do, you slag them of, nit pick, stab them in the back , i could go on and on. obviously if you did have a valid solution to the question you would jump at the chance to post it on here, so that your hugely inflated ego`s would get a boost. but no you negative people are to dull, empty headed for that.
    my grandmother always used to say: if you have nothing helpful to say then shut your loudmouth traps.
    its obvious that you post negative remarks just to get post ratings, you childish morons. can you honestly say that none of you have in your possession a copy of an original program that you have copied off a friend.( a pirate version) if no then you are liars, and i bet you have noses like pinnochio (info: for the people who need a life he`s the child wooden puppet )
    i signed into this forum politely asking more experienced computer users for some much needed help, i didn`t use any bad language and i was hoping for some constructive replies, indeed i`m still hoping for some. but if you are in the negative, i don`t know so i will slag you of instead bracket then please don`t waste your miserable lives replying.

  2. #2 thing is to look for the crack for yourself but the difference is, you post it on a site where we're trying to prevent this kind of stuff. i know that you really want to get the crack and whatever and the question was somewhat legitimate but you're asking in the wrong kind of forum. if you havent noticed yet, cracks are kind of illegal and if you want to get one you shouldnt try and drag us into it.
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    o/k... us threatening to flame has nothing to do with our knowledge. we obviously aren't as see through as you think... most of the people who responded negatively either know where you could get a crack or could CRACK IT THEMSELVES... something you obviously aren't intelligent enough to do. next time think before you say these things... and relies who you are dealing with.

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    Coming here and asking for a crack is like going into a bank and asking for a ham sandwich. It just aint gonna work, dickhead..

    You can't go past Usenet if you're looking for a crack. Why would you even bother going anywhere esle?


    There's a couple to get you started.

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    next time think before you say these things... and relies who you are dealing with
    a powerfull and true statement;

    btw: finding a crack isn't that difficult, it do not requires to be asked in the forums on AO. Just use Copernic2001 and you will find a crack to this or use the sites Conf1rm3d_K1ll has posted.

    good luck

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    This isn't a post to flame you or anything but there are a few things that probably will help your stay here at AO be a little more peaceful. This is a site where people (generally) come to be around others in their quest for finding out security-related topics, chatting about said topics, and overall learning how to secure things, keep others updated, write tutorials, etc etc... You can see where this is going and it's not in the direction of "Here's the latest crack I found that'll do X, Y, and Z to program 1". A lot of people here are fanatical about making sure the wrong crowd isn't kept around as that's not the reason they're here. The crowd at AO (regulars) is a fiesty bunch but overall, they're here to help others out in security/os/program related questions/forums/etc. They don't like it when "member" after "member" after "member" posts a message asking for cracks, serials, how-to-crack-hotmail/yahoo/etc, or anything else of a "non legal" fashion. This does not mean that every single person here has completely legit software. I myself have legit licenses of every 3rd party program on my machine. The ONE exception to that is the OS, that being Win98SE because false advertisement of it's stability (yeah right), memory management (haha, good one), and extreme usefulness (go MS for bloatware) isn't at all what one gets with Win9x/ME/2000/etc. Legit software of mine covers everything from Ram Idle Standard (bought/paid) to every game I own. That being said, I think a lot of users have this mentality as well. As it is, this site isn't promoting cracks/serials/etc but if you ask in the right manner to the right people, they'll post links like Confirmed Kill (misspelled I know, hehe) because the people that are in this group are a smart group, you just have to ask the right people in the right manner.
    Nothing bad is really meant by their posts but if they're pissed off because of another user asking for (insert illegal thing here), you can't possibly expect them to be nice about it.

    Hope this helps some.
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