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Thread: Free paint shop pro 7 trick

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    Talking Free paint shop pro 7 trick

    Once again messing with my computer programs. Now I downloaded the Paint Shop Pro trial version 4 days ago. I was wondering how this program finds it dates. Now some programs read it off the computer others actually get a programmed calendar inside. So the first thing I do is mess with the system clock change the date back 3 days. I open the program and whala it worked, Free Software once again! This has to be the easiest date crack that I've ever done and just wanted to let others now how to get a free version while you can. The only bad side is the date will not be correct but I don't mind since I never know what day it is or the date, hell if there wasnt' a clock on my desktop I would never go to sleep. lol,

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    just thought this thread should stay at the top for a little longer.

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    Yeah i tried that myself a lil while back and it worked on a couple of trials i had neat eh

    you may or may not be intrested in this link

    easy now

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    there's only one thing i could say to you bad dudes....Serielz2k
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    mmmm games

    bad dudez.. i played that before.. it was tight..

    Hackers are impervious. Resistant is futile.

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    hackers and geeks

    Ok if this post is wierd..
    its because I am wired and peppy as **** cuz of coffee, pepsi, and lots of sugar n creamer.. (For the pepsi of course <G>)

    N e ways.

    I was thinking about my life

    I grew up with the wooden spoon. Hick Like town. I was a geek tho through and through (I think its genetic but both my parents are hicks)

    Anyways, I wasnt getting along with any of the dumb hick or gang croud. at school... I was failing. (Guess I didnt care)

    I look in the news paper and read about Choice 2000.. And ONLINE public Highschool

    I went to that school which was BBS based (Worldgroup GALACTICOMM)
    Gawd it was create.. gotta love the registry of users and the teleconference..
    I went to that school for pretty much my whole high school life.

    That is how I became a TRUE geek.

    After the first year the school went Internet based through the telnet protocal.

    that was when it happened.. Boy meets NET. Your life is about to change..
    First I was in it for all the dirty pictures.. but after that wore off. And I was on my windows 3.11 for workgroups with TCPmanager, dialing up to a backyard ISP and going to school..

    I found many things..
    first it was the jolly roger cook book
    then the anarchist cookbook..
    then it was the warez scene.
    and the movie "HACKERS" came out..

    I was INSPIRED!
    ****, I was a geek back then but look at these cool hollywood people. (I know it sounds like a crappy newbie but back then i had no life.. I think I went outside like an hour a year .. if that.. and only at night.. I slept all day and had a windows macro log me into class and log everything while i was sleeping..)

    I was truely a VAMPIRE.

    Then I found light... SLACKWARE LINUX

    Loaded linux up (PAIN IN THE ASS TO CONFIGURE) and learned to love LYNX (No my computer was crap it wouldnt load xwindows not enuff ram)

    I found this exploit called BONK (Yes i used to be half script kiddie)

    I found bonk because I was looking for code for my C class..

    I read the txt file accompanying it on an ftp..

    Bonk - Fragmented packet proggie DOS attack of some sort.

    I decided to see what it did..

    I put my schools TELNET address in the command line.. Ran it..

    It quoted the word <BONK> six or seven times on my screen as it sent packets

    then stopped

    It wrote "SUCCESS" and terminated..
    next thing I knew.. My school wasnt answering connections.. Hmm... I sat there thinking "What the hell" and then it hit me.. I was the happiest man in the world.. I CRASHED MY SCHOOL USING LINUX.. Tho it was completely Script kiddie.. it was beautiful.. I was a new man...

    Well it lasted an hour until i got a phone call telling me I was suspended.... but hey.. IT WAS WORTH IT!!1

    anyways from there my inspiration in learning how to hack became extremely intense..

    And thats why I am here...

    Ok well there is my life story..

    Would love to hear some of you guy's...

    heh L8R
    Hackers are impervious. Resistant is futile.

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    **** i meant that as a new thread im sorry.
    Hackers are impervious. Resistant is futile.

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