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Thread: Format your brain ,please

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    Format your brain ,please

    Hello to you all
    i have 6 months in Antionline Forum and i liked the time that people here talked about technology.

    and nowdays the most wise post here is :"which is your favorite color" or "How can i hack HOTMAIL".

    And about Antipoints lets see this :

    JP LOOK AT THIS..................
    I made up a thread NOKIA RINGTONES and lets see the comment in a antipoint
    "**** you by sebastos12. You are from albania Ahahahaha. Bastard".

    sebastos12 i am from the NET and thats all.
    Please make a format to your brain and install the system from the begining.

    For people that not agree with my post give me all your negative antipoints .I will like that

    I hope this helps you to understand where you are
    bye to you all
    If God had intended
    Man to program,
    we would be born
    with serial I/O ports.

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    actually i believe that i was one of the people that replied to that posting and i got the same "#@%$ you by sebastos12" antipoint message. dont worry about the antipoints that sebastos12 gives you because many of us get the same. dont let this hinder you from continuing to post because your post wasnt completely oblivious to technology.
    Life is just a series of decisions, each one can alter your future and you can possibly end your life at any moment. Do you really want to be under the care of the Microsoft Support Center?!?!

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