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Thread: Installing Linux

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    Unhappy Installing Linux

    Hey, what's up everyone? I just downloaded Winlinux 2000
    And I'm haveing alot of trouble trying to install it. My machine has all the system requirements but I still needs some help. I was also wondering if there was anyone else out there that uses this distrobution of linux... Thanks in advance.


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    This is one distribution I have never dealt with. However, if you could be more specific about what your problem is, we might be able to help. Give us the steps involved in installing it, the steps you have already taken, and a description of the problem you are having. Good luck

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    Hello people

    This isnt a response its a similar question to Remotes .
    I want to put Linux mandrake 7.0 onto my workstation but i'm not sure if i should partition the drive beforehand, or will it pick up that option and then go onto a dual boot as soon as i switch on.
    I'm running win 2k pro at the moment, will i have to partion it does anyone know ? and is that the best way to go.


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    Post Linux

    I hope this helps:

    If Windows is using the FAT filesystem then there are ways to install linux here, this usualy involves installing linux into a folder (e.g. C:\Linux) I'm not sure but I think Mandrake 7 can do this. This provides you with a safe and easy linux installation but is not as customaizable or fast as one on a native file syste. By the way the way this works is by using te FAT file system as a Unix one and changing the root folder to wherever you installed, it's called a UMSDOS system.
    The Mandrake install program should let you partition your system using Disk Drake, this is a handy and easy to use graphical tool. If you have some free space (that isn't part of a partition) then it should be really easy to add a couple of partitions by telling it to automaticaly do the partitioning. If you are going to be resizing your Windows partition then it's probably wise to back it up first. If you want to play with the partitions and dont mind command line tools heres the ones I like:
    GNU Parted --
    CFDISK -- I'm not sure where this is from (try

    Good Luck
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    I installed the same distro a few months back. Very easy install; created floppy as instructed and just booted it from floppy and was able to re-partition the windows partition as part of the install - didn't have a proper partition tool in my distribution. Grub is part of the install and that gets put on it, then you can edit it so that your preferred OS boots etc.

    Oh yeah forgot to mention that I had difficulty originally when Win2K was using NTFS, so reinstalled to FAT and Mandrake was able to work with that. I used the cut down version of Partition Magic rather that Drake Duck to resize Windows partition.

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