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Thread: Hackers and GEEKS

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    Hackers and GEEKS

    Ok if this post is wierd..
    its because I am wired and peppy as **** cuz of coffee, pepsi, and lots of sugar n creamer.. (For the pepsi of course <G> )

    N e ways.

    I was thinking about my life

    I grew up with the wooden spoon. Hick Like town. I was a geek tho through and through (I think its genetic but both my parents are hicks)

    Anyways, I wasnt getting along with any of the dumb hick or gang croud. at school... I was failing. (Guess I didnt care)

    I look in the news paper and read about Choice 2000.. And ONLINE public Highschool

    I went to that school which was BBS based (Worldgroup GALACTICOMM)
    Gawd it was create.. gotta love the registry of users and the teleconference..
    I went to that school for pretty much my whole high school life.

    That is how I became a TRUE geek.

    After the first year the school went Internet based through the telnet protocal.

    that was when it happened.. Boy meets NET. Your life is about to change..
    First I was in it for all the dirty pictures.. but after that wore off. And I was on my windows 3.11 for workgroups with TCPmanager, dialing up to a backyard ISP and going to school..

    I found many things..
    first it was the jolly roger cook book
    then the anarchist cookbook..
    then it was the warez scene.
    and the movie "HACKERS" came out..

    I was INSPIRED!
    ****, I was a geek back then but look at these cool hollywood people. (I know it sounds like a crappy newbie but back then i had no life.. I think I went outside like an hour a year .. if that.. and only at night.. I slept all day and had a windows macro log me into class and log everything while i was sleeping..)

    I was truely a VAMPIRE.

    Then I found light... SLACKWARE LINUX

    Loaded linux up (PAIN IN THE ASS TO CONFIGURE) and learned to love LYNX (No my computer was crap it wouldnt load xwindows not enuff ram)

    I found this exploit called BONK (Yes i used to be half script kiddie)

    I found bonk because I was looking for code for my C class..

    I read the txt file accompanying it on an ftp..

    Bonk - Fragmented packet proggie DOS attack of some sort.

    I decided to see what it did..

    I put my schools TELNET address in the command line.. Ran it..

    It quoted the word <BONK> six or seven times on my screen as it sent packets

    then stopped

    It wrote "SUCCESS" and terminated..
    next thing I knew.. My school wasnt answering connections.. Hmm... I sat there thinking "What the hell" and then it hit me.. I was the happiest man in the world.. I CRASHED MY SCHOOL USING LINUX.. Tho it was completely Script kiddie.. it was beautiful.. I was a new man...

    Well it lasted an hour until i got a phone call telling me I was suspended.... but hey.. IT WAS WORTH IT!!1

    anyways from there my inspiration in learning how to hack became extremely intense..

    And thats why I am here...

    Ok well there is my life story..

    Would love to hear some of you guy's...

    heh L8R
    Hackers are impervious. Resistant is futile.

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    Interesting story there Evilseed, hehe...mine's quite a bit different but here goes. Mine will start with HS, as before that it was just screwing around with the C64/etc...

    1990 - Start HS thinking I was going to be in a different world where I'd be around my peers, etc. Boy was I wrong, I ended up being around the same losers who were just older and then cared about things like fashion/image/etc. ROTC was the only thing I really did good (classes with numbers were good too) until I got into the 10th grade computer class. The whole 'this is your keyboard, this is your mouse' regime put me to sleep and I ended up with a 99 because the teacher gave me a 99 on my exam saying "I didn't deserve a 100 because I slept all year". I continue with ROTC and computers (parents had a PB Legend 18CD that I paid for the ISP for a telnet session to the college, hehe) until I graduated. Big thing for me was networking BNC/Coax/ARC from the library to the office to the administration building. This done while others are interested in going out on friday nights, dances, football games, etc...

    1994 - graduated HS and couldn't wait to get into college where I thought once again I'd be in a different world with my peers, etc etc you know the drill. Wrong. Now those same fscknuts aren't interested in computers like I am, they're wanting to go out, get drunk, get laid (great but there *are* other things to do), and other non-important things to me. Once again, separated from the "normal" crowd to do my own thing. Lasted one year before I got an offer to go to Wash. DC for a sysop job for a startup company at 25k a year. This entailed learning "unix"...something I had no idea of outside of the telnet for the mud I played (Sanctuary/Turning Wheel/Astral Void anyone?). So I picked up a copy of the "Unix in a Nutshell" by O'Reilly.

    <fast forward 5 years of HP/AIX/Solaris/Red Hat/Slackware/BSD and other unix/linux OS'/NT/Windows everything>

    Year and a half ago: met dreamy gamer chick who's into online rp boards and loves playing video games with me (Diablo 2, etc). Rox0r on!

    14:32 12/17/01: typing right now, hehe....

    That about answers all of my history with mainstream "professional" computer experience. So far, I'm 14 years in (started at 12) and no college after that first year.
    We the willing, led by the unknowing, have been doing the impossible for the ungrateful. We have done so much with so little for so long that we are now qualified to do just about anything with almost nothing.

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    Arrow heh

    I love muds..

    Ever played "Legend of the Red Dragon"

    or "Usurper"

    Hackers are impervious. Resistant is futile.

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    Lets see. I think I got my first puter when I was like 4 or so. My dad and I started learning how to program our own games. Not that I remember much programming, but oh well. I really got into it when I found a guest account at MSU that didn't have a password. Imagine, a free dialup account. And this was back in 89. It was really expensive back the, so I was really happy. That was when you paid by the minute to connect, but I found a way on without paying. Well, that was when I started finding muds and other fun ways to talk to people online. Well, it all just developed from there. I remember when the WWW came out, I thought it was the stupist thing possible. It was so damn slow over a 14.4 connection. Well, they really haven't improved it any if you are on dialup. Oh well.

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    Cool blergh

    I guess mines a whimsical tail about booze guns and computers, well actualy I didn't get a pc till hs so it's just booze and guns and drugs too can't forget the drugs.

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    Re: blergh

    Originally posted by zepherin
    I guess mines a whimsical tail about booze guns and computers, well actualy I didn't get a pc till hs so it's just booze and guns and drugs too can't forget the drugs.
    That sounds a lot like my high school story, except that I'm still living it. I'm mostly into guns and computers...not a whole lot of booze. But since I was diagnosed with depression, the guns have been temporarily taken away. That's a SURE way to help...take away one of the things I love the most. That's also where the drugs come in..PAXIL! That makes computers, guns, and drugs....we're not all that different from one another!

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    Post memories

    I finally talked my parents into buying a computer when I was a senior in HS, 1995...the good ol' Packard Bell (remember them?). Ran Win311 until the 95 update (had to have it...Start me up!)...100MHz pentium w/ 8 MB RAM (doesn't get any better than this, dad!) Bought the 'DOS for Dummies' it and started playing around with commands (-h -s -a, etc.), and soon had to format and reload the foolish 'recovery disk' that all prepackaged comps came with. Eventually learned how to strip the PB interface (it looked like a library thing with point and click graphic icons in the on the library = reference software, globe = internet access, etc.) out of the system, left with the Windows GUI...(Start me UP!). Soon learned that I couldn't play classic games without DOS, like the original DOOM, and (my favorite, i still play it...)Master of Magic . Eventually, I started downloading drivers, etc(through a long distance BBS, at the time) and learned how to flash my BIOS...sigh, format and reload again... then it more computer, as i inadvertantly fried my motherboard while trying to upgrade from the onboard video card to a...damn, i forget what it was called(it came with a game called 'Scorched Earth'...a 3D sim, and the first MechWarrior)... anyways, after that, i fell out of knowledge, until a few years later, when i began screwing around with friends' comps, and based upon what i had learned originally...just kind of adapted to things, and then adapted again, and then again, I am, still learning...

    "entia non sunt multiplicanda praeter necessitatem"

    "entities should not be multiplied beyond necessity."

    -Occam's Razor

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    Right on! Down with lame-o hardware! PB hardware back in the day wasn't anything to write home about...I remember my first major screwup was killing the back-plane bus (remember those vertical cards?) by installing a "tower" video card backwards into the ISA slot just because I couldn't get it to fit right the other way (wonder why)...

    The thing people don't realize is that you have to constantly continue screwing around with things because if you don't, you'll fall out of said knowledge (as stated by Ouroboros) very quickly.
    It's an ongoing education. As it is, my sister graduated from college last saturday and while she used computers the *entire* time (had MUCH more exposure than I was given), she's dumb as a freaking brick when it comes to troubleshooting anything on it.
    Maybe it's not important to some people, but man, if computers aren't everywhere nowadays, it would seem to pay off if people understood how they worked to a degree. Most people view computers like the power company. You flip the switch and booya, the lights come on. All that without knowing how the blasted thing works.

    Geeks unite! Down with nerds! (booksmarts don't really help at all here...)
    We the willing, led by the unknowing, have been doing the impossible for the ungrateful. We have done so much with so little for so long that we are now qualified to do just about anything with almost nothing.

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    I just watched the movie: "the net"
    GOD invented evolution \'cause he couldn\'t do it all by himself.

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    I was a total math, chemistry and electronics freak growing up. My parents got really pissed off more than once when I took some peice of electronics (calculator, radio, atari) apart to see what was in there and how it all worked. Yes... i had a chemistry experiment blow up, but nobody or anything for that matter got hurt. Scared the hell out of my mom though.

    I didn't have my own computer when I was in grade-high school ( I am in my late twenties), what I did have though was a University Library within walking distance, and they had computers (mostly dumb terminals), lots of them, running VMS and Unix. All the programming books a kid could want on the shelves too. So, I began reading and playing and the next thing I knew I was *on* the University server with an account that did not beliong to me. I did not do anything malicious, just took a look around and then made my exit quietly.

    When I graduated High School, I went back to that University and enrolled as a Computer Science and Electrical Engineering Major. 5 outstanding years worth, I had a great time, drank lots of beer, ate a lot of pizza and asian food, became a little less of a geek on the outside, and still much more of one on the inside. Yes.... I am the adult who takes his Hewlet Packard 48GX RPN calculator to the grocery store. Where is my pocket protector? ( lmao, I have Doom for my 48GX, I love HP calculators!!!!)

    And so, 6 years after University I am still interested in what first caught my attention with computers; programming, games, and security.
    Know this..., you may not by thyself in pride claim the Mantle of Wizardry; that way lies only Bogosity without End.

    Rather must you Become, and Become, and Become, until Hackers respect thy Power, and other Wizards hail thee as a Brother or Sister in Wisdom, and you wake up and realize that the Mantle hath lain unknown upon thy Shoulders since you knew not when.

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