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Thread: Hackers and GEEKS

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    damn everyone has long posts, but they are good and worthy of reading. Souleman good pic.

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    Lightbulb I remeber now...

    I remember what that video card was - a Matrox Mystique! Had a clown/jester on the box...

    I also attempted, successfully, to install a brand spankin' new 28.8 Zoom! Modem, which never worked correctly, as the factory installed...ready? INTEGRATED SOUNDCARD/MODEM...sigh...come to think of it, if I had gotten that vid card in without frying the motherboard, it wouldn't have worked either, as the vid chips were integrated into the motherboard(killed 2 birds with one stone, in retrospect) also, and i wouldn't have known how to fix it at the time...sigh...

    "entia non sunt multiplicanda praeter necessitatem"

    "entities should not be multiplied beyond necessity."

    -Occam's Razor

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    Lightbulb I wish i had a cool pic like his too... :(

    Well I feel that it is my turn to elaborate on my life.

    I love it. life is so cool. I meet cool people everyday, i learn new things every day. It is a good thing.

    I live in Kailua, Hawaii(good), I recently moved a couple months ago from Hickam AFB, Hawaii (bad). (btw lived in maryland for a year or two but dont remeber anything i was 1 or 2 at the time).
    anyways my family's first computer was one of those old macs from the late 80s i believe(like a computer in a single metal box very cool) than a crappy, newer mac. it was ok but i didnt learn much from it. then, a few years ago my dad finally gave into getting a windows computer ( when i think back it wasnt that long ago at all and to look at what i can do now {not saying that windows is good but it opened a lot of "windows" for me. [get it ha ha. nm.]}) one of my brothers friends then introduced me to mIRC and i was amazed. at first my brother wouldnt let me use it because he didnt want me to get him kicked off somehow plus it had taken him a long time to learn how to use it. In about a 2 days I vastly exceed his knowledge of mIRC by myself, and found myself d/ling everything i could including the fateful, innumerable, hacker texts out there and read and read and read. At the same time I got into the warez scene and made my self a few bucks now and then. I thought now " my god, what the hell did i miss during my life. there is so much knowledge here."
    My dad vollunteered for a library so i would occasionaly visit there to go check out there computer books and learned more from there. they even had computers that i could try to crack so i could use it. didnt really work out. mostly because the ones i could use were broken.
    High school begins. I meet my sweetheart and destroy the school one fire after the another (yet it still stands. DAMN, DAMN this confounded place of bordem and hellish torture!!!) just when i enter HS the stars and the planets soon fall into some ****ed up allignment and i fall in love with marijuana (mind you HAWAII marijuana )well thats a whole other forever life altering post.
    anyways my HS recuires us to vollunteer someplace so i volunteer at a network for a local hospital. My job was to help people fix there computer, no real network stuff. but I was handsomely rewarded with my very own *FREE* 1yr old Dell Optiplex GX110 800mhz 10gb HD 256ram valued at $1,500. for helping them out a lot.
    Now I can learn even more.

    I know sooo much (not compared to a lot of you out there. Socrates said; ' the only way to know everything is to understand you know nothing' and i live by that, therefore there is always something to learn.) and through learning about hacking/networking/computers/programming/etc..
    i have but my self a stairway to a great paying job and satisfying life (hopefully). I uphold the true hacker way of learning, not destroying and will continue to do so.

    all im saying is that im only 16 (just had my birthday), I have barley taken a step into this world and there is som much more i have to do. so ...


    what just happened?!

    "DUDE, I havent seen anybody smoke a 40 so fast!!!!"

    "yeah man, you were all talking about what your life was like."


    nevermind. hey man is there any left.


    damn. lets go check out the ocean. its so trippy right now.

    is a signature that important?

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    Thumbs up

    It was AD 1982
    It was the mighty TI99-4A
    16k of ram
    the only os was the built=in BASIC
    you could do neat stuff like:
    10. print "help I'm stuck inside this computer"
    20. goto 10
    It was AD 1995
    It was the mighty 286
    You had ALL POWER in your hands!
    format a:/s
    Who knows where it will all lead?
    I came in to the world with nothing. I still have most of it.

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    I still remember having my Acermate, having an Adlib soundcard and running Microprose games. The dot matrix printer,
    god it seems like it whas yesterday.

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    i'm still in HS and it sucks

    i got my first computer, a 386 and i was a newbie gamer at everything.
    then i started getting really good at games. one day i heard on Times For Kids that some kids got filthy rich by making their own games. ever since then, i've been studying as much as i can in CS&E and programming, which lead to networking and internet, which lead to cracking, which lead encryption and somewhere along the way i picked up philosophy, advanced mathematics, physics, and linguistics.

    anyways, the kids in my HS suck ass because i'll be talking about something technical with my friends and some dumb blonde will interrupt us and say something completely inane. although, she is really hot...

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    oh, i don't crack programs anymore....freeware for all!!!

    i love linux and don't waste your time with antipoints

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    Thumbs up AMIGA ROCKS

    Good OLD AMIGA 500. Best friends through thick and thin. Then came big blue and crushed the poor Amiga into obscurity....... DAMN DAMN DAMN BIG BLUE!!!!!

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    about me...

    Remember space invaders???

    I loved that game.

    I've been interested in computers ever since but never focused on them until recently.

    I hated HS and graduated in 2.5 years. My BF was a major geek. That should have been my first clue. I then worked for a couple of years in sucky jobs and then went to college where I majored in Medieval History.

    After college worked in HR *gagg* almost killed me. I had taken a lot of computer classes i.e. unix, programming etc. in college for fun but never thought of it as a career. Finally went to a counselor who steared me towards working in the tech field where I could finally put all those computer classes to work.

    I love it.

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    First computer I touched was a Texas Instruments TI99/4A (built in 1980) My dad wrote some games for it so I could play. The thing used cassettes to save data! btw: These cassettes ar now very cool to use as a DJ intro (When you play them as audio cassettes you get a sound like when you listen to a analog modem connection, without the rumble). In the meantime that I played with the Texas and the BASIC on it, my dad had already upgraded to a 8086 @8Mhz / 64Kb. LOL current desktop @1800Mhz / 512Mb. It's unbelievable how fast the industry developed powerfull affordable computers.

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