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Thread: National ID Card

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    Thumbs down National ID Card

    I came across this story at HITB. It appears that a Naval Petty Officer has been issued the first National ID card. Makes for an interesting read.

    What is the world coming too? Talk about Big Brother......

    Here is a small cut and paste from the article...

    And more than ever before, the cards will enable Defense Department officials to look into their databases and know the doorways he passes through, the computer he accesses, the doctor he sees, all of which is fine with Jimenez.

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    And they all seem to be so proud of this technology.

    I wont even use easy pass. The only way ill have an id card is when they pry it into my cold dead fingers.
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    Sounds like the mark of the Beast.......

    I won't get into quoting scripture though.

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    Originally posted by Tedob1
    And they all seem to be so proud of this technology.

    The technology itself is truly amazing. But to use such technology to keep track of people is terrifying..

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    I'd LOVE to see them try to give me one of those cards. If they try, I have a message for them, and it's going right between their eyes. U.S. citizens are real people, not just another gear or pulley in some gigantic machine. People like privacy, but the government doesn't seem to be able to figure that out. The Constitution specifically prohibits the government getting into our personal lives without PROBABLE CAUSE that we have committed a crime. It seems like after the bombing, the government just can't quit wiping it's ass with the Constitution. When does it stop? Why do people allow this to happen? Why have we not drawn the line yet? As this bullshit keeps progressing, the thought of moving to Holland or Switzerland becomes more tempting.

    These tactics are very similar to the ones used by Hitler just before the Holocaust. First, there was government censorship. We have censorship. Then, all Jews were required to wear a big armband with the Star of David and the word "Jude" in big bold letters. We have national ID cards on the way, which is very similar to the armband method, only more sophisticated. Soon afterward, they were all moved to the ghettos, and rounded up for extermination.

    The only big difference between our tactics and Hitler's is that Hitler used Jews as his scapegoat. We're using the drug users and petty criminals. Why is smoking pot so evil? If anybody gives me any of those stupid D.A.R.E. propaganda answers, I'm gonna rip my hair out. Somebody stupid enough to believe all that bullshit not only deserves, but NEEDS the government tracking their every move. After all, you don't want them drowning themselves next time it rains. These are the kinds of people that get pissed because guns don't have big warning labels on them saying:


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    larryjs puts on a flame retardent suit and steps up ans sez:

    Would a national ID card be that bad? We could keep track of non-citizens, criminals and mental cases. With some privacy protection measures it could be a good thing.

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    Originally posted by larryjs

    Would a national ID card be that bad? We could keep track of non-citizens, criminals and mental cases.

    There's always one! Oh well, everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Thats the beauty of living in a "free" country.

    I've cut and pasted a few reasons why the ID card is a BAD idea...

    Oracle's Larry Ellison and Harvard's Allen Dershowitz have been all over the media recently pitching a National ID Card. One poll indicates 70% public support for the notion. Most critics of a National Identity Card mention Hitler, police stops, and personal privacy to argue against the proposal. Those are good reasons to oppose a National ID Card, but they miss the idea's worst features.

    Proponents of a National ID Card have a responsibility to tell us exactly what the system will do to day-to-day life in America. They are unlikely to do so because most thoughtful Americans would be alarmed at the prospect.

    A National ID card is *not* really about identity. It is about authorization.

    A modern National ID System will:

    * Require Americans to obtain federal government authorization to travel, work, rent or buy housing, obtain medical care, use financial services, and make many purchases.

    * This federal authorization could be denied for many reasons including database errors, a suspicious transaction profile, being a deadbeat parent, failure to pay taxes or fines, and any other social control measures Congress wishes to hang on the system.

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    I agree, it's mainly a method of control that's being pushed forward under the guise of antiterrorism. (Next from Congress: Legislating Antiterrorist Approved Milk. Does the country good.)

    Furthermore, a single system, no matter how advanced, is far more prone to exploitation and breakdown than a great many different and partially redundant systems. Even as identify theft becomes more rampant, they're going about it the wrong way. One of the main things with identify theft is your Social Security Number. One item. Easy to fake or get. Used for lots of things. JEEZ! It's this very 'one-click-answer' kinda solution which is CAUSING these problems, dumbing down ID systems (on the user side) is not the answer.
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    People you are all missing the point. The card that this article is referring to is called the DOD CAC (Common Access Card). And this is a great idea, especially for an organization as large as the DOD. This has been developed in the DOD PKI infrastructure and is almost one hundred % secure. By the way, this has been in the works for years....
    This is how is works:
    A Navy employee (contractors too) will go to a terminal and enter all of their confidential information into a DEERS database. This information is processed and the Navy personal will then be notified that their card is ready at a Navy processing office. The personal must show some forms of ID and then they will receive the card. This Smart Card will contain personal Bio info, encrypting and digitally signing certs for PKI enabled applications.
    Now this technology is not meant to watch you. This technology provides these basic features, Access to building (magnetic swipe), Computer Access (login capabilities), Encryption of files and computers (PKI Certs), and so on.....
    The advantage of Security is that not just anyone can access a computer with a password or a building with a key. They will need one of these cards and their private key associated with the card.
    If anyone area of our society needs such a high security standard, it is the DOD.

    Note: I know all about this because I represent an encryption utility that is complicate with these Smart Cards.....

    This article is no way related to a National ID card program. Personally I think and know it will never fly. I have had multiple conversations with Smart Card vendors and they agree that this is just a bunch of smoke...

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    Originally posted by Chi32

    Note: I know all about this

    Wow! That's a big call to make!

    True, the above mentioned card is a DoD Common access card.

    But there are plans to use a similar card on civillians. You can find an article on it (and other privacy related matters) here

    Yes, I am a conspiracy theorist, hear me roar! Seriously though, the idea of a national id card is something that shouldn't even be played with....

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