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Thread: 9/11/01 Attacks Fund Scam! 888-626-8404

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    Angry 9/11/01 Attacks Fund Scam! 888-626-8404

    Everyone, This is a sad day in America, people are taking advantage of peoples sympathy and love. These ignorant, greedy, ungreatful cowards, are taking advantage of a situation that is indeed a chilling one.
    This telemarketing business is accepting donations for the 9/11 attacks, but once the donation is made it goes straight to their pocket and doesn't even reach the 9/11 victums. Be sure to give this company all the hell you can. The number is 888-626-8404 and the owner is Julie Brown.
    Post this message string anywhere possible you will not only make these peoples lives a living hell, but also helping out the people of 9/11 in a way believe it or not.

    Thank You

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    I havent' found anything on the net about this... Are you trying to get other people to blast someone for personal reasons here? I'm not doing anyone else's dirty work, and definitely not as a dupe.
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    It's interesting how none of us has ever heard about this. If this is true, then what they are doing is just messed up. If this isn't true, then I hope you're not trying to ruin anyone's reputation or anything because that's also messed up. By the way, how would you know if they keep the money or not and how did you find out the owners name?
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    I've heard of some scams that use the 11th of September as the catalyst. I've also seen some of the warnings they suggest you take when donating to causes for the 11th such as web pages, phone donations, etc etc...and as soon as I can find out where that info went, I'll post it here. But no, he's not trying to flame someone because unfortunately it is true. One would hope it wouldn't be abused like that due to the amount of people killed/injured/missing but there are some really need-to-die people out there.
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    I must say I find this abuse most distasteful....I think the best thing you can do is contact the local authorities.

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