Question for anyone who's had experience in setting up Microsoft's Systems Management Server. I recently configured a box to run as my Site SMS. The problem i'm having is it's not capturing some of the systems out on my network. At one point the clients it did capture I ghosted and then loaded the ghost image on the systems it wasn't capturing on my network. I had two test systems to work with. After I ghosted the image from one system to another it's obvious that I had to change the IP addy on the second system in order for it to be recognized on my network after joining it to the network. Now, the SMS server will allow me to remote control the original client that I initially started with. However, if I take that one off line it will allow me to remote control the system that was loaded with the original's image but only after I take one off the network. Irregardless of different IP addy's. Both clients are given different names to make them distinct. (e.g. computer #1 and computer #2). Any suggestions or is my scenario about as clear as mud?