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Thread: proxyhunter HELP PLS

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    Question proxyhunter HELP PLS

    Hi all,

    I would really apperciate some help on finding anon proxies.I recently downloaded proxyhunter but it does not come with a help file and the actual site is in Chinise or Japanese.

    I am currently just scanning random ip numbers but am not really getting anywhere as the results are confusing to me,eg "Protocol,need autho,not matched,undecideable,and Verification?" I take it that those results are no use to me as the only result I should be looking for is "GOOD" correct?. Also is just putting in random ips or checking domains in whois the best way to find what im looking for?.

    I have used untold proxie site lists that although good for a few hours tend to fail very quickly and it was my hope that proxyhunter would be a better way of getting proxies that would last longer.

    I bascially need ANY input in regards to settings I may need to adjust in the program and am I currently going about the scan range correctly...shold I be scanning .edu or coms ect.
    Any help would be greatly appericated

    Thanks for your time.

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    Ok, yeah I am looking for some proxy servers too.

    I myself had tested proxy hunter and what I have seen is just many bugs and a program that doesn't work properly and named proxy hunter!!!
    Finally I downloaded a program called "A4proxy" (Anonymity for proxy). This one is better and has more futures too.

    And about some good proxy servers, I should tell u I have tested 100 of them and found that afew of them are free and fast, but remmember as u know none of the proxies in the world are anonymous!

    for web proxy u can test ,,....
    go to and u can find some more.

    but unfortunately they doesn't support chain proxies, kNow what I mean?

    I mean proxy 1----- proxy 2----- proxy 3-----

    this will make everything harder to find your IP.

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    Talking Proxy servers

    Click here.
    Cyberarmy has a long list of proxies.


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    mail me and i can give you a whole list bro

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    try this
    and after activating the program change your proxy to 8080

    it is great

    i hope this helps
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    Wink Cheers

    Thanks for your replys......

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