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    My antivirus found a trojan(rhino).
    After deleting the trojan and reeboting I can not access properties or sharing, when selecting it after right clicking in my explorer C drive for example nothing happens..

    Can someone have changed this from outside and playing with my system? If so please tell me how secure my system or how to detect if someone is using me as a proxy...


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    Sounds like the trojan infected some system files and when your AV got rid of it it deleted the files or it altered the registry to point to itself instead of the normal things. Look up the trojan on the internet and see if there's a fix for the registry or the files it infected. I know Sircam does this, a friend of mine got it on their computer and when I removed it they couldn't run any programs, I had to find what section of the registry it altered and change it back.

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    Right dude...I'm betting my two cents on the virus that caused your system to suddenly act weird. Since there is some potentially catacalysmic damage here, I'd suggest that you back up all your information (wheather it be on floppy disks or burned CD's) and just reinstall a fresh copy of your OS onto your harddisk.
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    Yea thats what I am thinking but I would like to try to change the registry settings back my self (after making a Backup ).

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    McAffee doesn't have much to say about this, this is the link for rhino but it points to another virus, maybe they're the same thing.


    It says to go through your Win.ini and System.ini files for any trace of it and also to go through your registry. It may be more hassle to get it all out of your system than just re-installing the whole thing.

    When it is gone, get a good virus scanner, I suggest norton's, and keep it updated so this won't happen again.

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