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Thread: windows registry

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    Question windows registry

    Does any1 know any good complete registry doc's or complete referens of possible registry setting and values

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    Exclamation Win Reg Info

    Arv: the registry isn't someplace you want to go poking around in just for kicks-n-grins...unless you don't mind rebuilding your system and have nothing to loose.

    Also note that the registry for one Win ver won't be utilized or have the same entries as another Win ver and there will be differnecs from a base install from one on which you've added other applications.

    That being ya go:
    2) search on
    3) search on

    There are also some really good books you can get on the subject.

    It can be very fascinating to learn the Windows registry but if you're asking in order to solve a sudden problem....then you may be wandering around on a mine field....
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    I hope this help
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