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Thread: Al Qaeda Invading M$.. or not...

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    Al Qaeda Invading M$.. or not...

    Found this interesting article...
    Could explain problems with M$ OS's....
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    Interesting read but why is it when something goes wrong or has a bug people will blame or jump on the band wagon. It seems right now that Ben Ladan and his followers are being blamed for just about everything that is going wrong with the world. I am not a believer in Ben Ladan nor what hes suppost to have done but I question why are the Americans going to such trouble to get rid of someone who was at one time a friend of George Bush Sr. When the States need some help they are all buddy buddy with the people but when they are finished they kick them in the teeth. Look what they did with Sadam they used him and he figured that gave him the right to go into Kewait. When there were problems with the Russian in Afganastan they turned to Ben Ladan and his group of followers and sold them weapons to defeat the russians. They say we need help to the Canadians and turn around and slap outragesh tarifs on the soft wood lumber. The American government is real good for passing the buck and not standing around to take the fall out for the trouble that they start. I know that there are many people who do not agree with I have said but ask yourselves why so many past friends are now enemys of the States? I would hope that this will make people think and try and find out the real truth and not just one side of the story but the whole truth.
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    hmm that is deffinately odd.. thinking that how could afghanistan people learn programming when they are a very restricted civilization.. and i doubt that Bin Laden has such training camps considering they are training up the mountains and i asure u that even dial-up connections cant reach there...

    one way would be sending men to universities to train them selves in programing... but that would be a long shot.. surely learning to fly planes are much more easier than programming.. and takes less time..

    and MS cannot just hire any person who claims he/she knows programming.. even they provided fake papers, they will be based on their skills...

    al qaeda being high-tech is just too wierd for me.. its just not their style..

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    Who needs to send them to universities when they can get a green card into Florida where lots of other Mexicans/Cubans already migrate to, let it expire (like the terrorists did), go the Pink Pony (downtown about 20 minutes from where I live), rag on Americans, and train for years without being found out?

    America, with all its problems, is still the best place for someone to succeed. Sure, the government is generally more closed than anything MS creates, but I'd rather have this government than one being taken over every couple of years like a lot of these third world countries. And having lived in Saudi Arabia for 10 years (in Jeddah, Jidda is the arabic spelling, 150ish miles west of Mecca), I can tell you right now that a VAST majority of the american public has NO IDEA how much Americans are despised and hated. A lot of people have lived under a shell thinking that everything is fine and dandy in their little world where the horizon marks the end of their worries. That's a bad way to think as we found out the hard way. Hopefully, now, we'll start checking borders, checking green cards every 6 months or so, doing random background checks, etc etc...

    Oh yeah, if any arabian-descent person decides to say that they were 'discriminated against' because they matched a profile by the FBI and were pulled off a plane...get a grip, you and I both know that in SA or the Middle East in general, it was a lot worse for Americans (go read Black Hawk Down, that gives you a brutal wakeup call on what they think of our military). I'd rather be an arab here in the States than an american in SA/ME. Get over it...and no, I'm not rascist at all. Well...against stupid people maybe .
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