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Thread: "THE" reason why M$ O/S are not so secure

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    Exclamation you just dont get it.

    look its all about money and how much of it the can suck out of you. You see microsoft can secure it but why when the can just come out with a service pack or an upgrade to fix it for a price. You see they can sell us just about anything they want and they know that we will run right out and get it, If the advertising for the product is good enough. So you see that is the real reason that MS is so unsecure. Did you know that Microsoft has enough software unpublished to keep them in busseness for life.

    Well that is all I have to say about that. thanks for reading.

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    I have read all the post and there is an important thing that I don't have read.
    The difference from Microsoft and Linux is: Microsoft is an OS closed source, Linux not.
    Ok I have discovered the hot water but is a foundamental question, when I write something in VB I think that my line can work, but really I don't know the impact on the "kernel" Otherwise, with Linux I can Have All the documentation and the source code that I need, I can do what I want , I can create modules, call to a function and so on.
    So Linux is more secure than Microsoft?
    Yes but Linux is more hardest to prepare respect to a NT or 2k Server.
    Linux can obtain the level A and NT and 2k only C2 (red book) yes, but after good check on what services are on the machine, remove all the user not used, use PAM and OpenSSH, make a good firewall with IPChains or IPTables, make a smallest Kernel only for the hardware that U need ...........
    Until Microsoft will remain a closed source OS will be more insecure than a Open Source OS.
    Microsoft is more easy?
    But I don't like to play a game using cheat

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    Originally posted by oblio
    And how can you possibly claim windows to be written in C++.
    Simply by the fact that DLL's are written in c++ and windows is generally based on Dynamically Linked Librarys.
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