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Thread: Linux, wah !

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    Linux, wah !

    Thought I was negative t'wards Linux now, didn't you ?

    Neh, I'm wondering if there's a ver. for beginners to run on a partition along with Win. I don't wanna get rid of Win until I know
    how to run Linux. And is it possible to run things on Linux as on Win ? Is it just for pro's or can one learn to use it in a pretty easy way or do I need a astronomical education ?

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    Run the latest Mandrake on the can you got Windoze on, itīs no problem. And itīs not realy al that hard, but you should read up a bit before throwing yourself at it. Linux handboken by Gunvald Hedemalm is the book I read. Itīs a bit old and donīt cover the partitions you should have but itīs realy no biggie. Thereīs always help here
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    I suggest that you get a version of linux that is bootable from inside of windows, such as winlinux 2001, just so that you can see what linux is like without having to go through a major install, and the problems that come with it. No partitioning is required and you can see what linux is all about. Now when you are ready for the real deal step up to any of the more user friendly distros out there(Mandrake, Red Hat, SuSE) and have some fun.
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    I was the same way about linux the first time I messed with it. Totally hosed it up and didnt have a clue about how to fix it. I put it down until I got a spare computer or two to put linux on full time (at least until I learned some of the commands). The point of this whole thing being, do alot of command research before you install it, and go all the way. If not, you will wuss out and jump back to windows if things get to hairy. I recommend for newbie linux users. Good people and good help.
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    Go get a LOAF! I kid you not, Linux On A Floppy, found here . There's another one, a bit more professional, that allows you to boot linux, shell and all on a floppy disk without having to make any changes to your partitions at all. This might be the way to go for you if you're new to it, that way you won't hose your partition table (Windows doesn't like it being on there at all). When I find that site, I'll let ya know.
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    I would purpose that you use Redhat 7.2
    It is very easy to install and configure
    LOAF is a really fun thing to mess around with the possibilities are limitless. Either way have fun and soon you will only want to keep the linux partition.HEHEHE

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    Get another computer. An old 486 should be good enough.
    Just make sure it has a big enough hard drive.
    You can get old machines for almost nothing.
    Then if you like LINUX, later you can learn to
    set up a dual boot system on your good box.
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    [Mandrake advert]
    Ok, Mandrakeīs latest version dun work al that good on a 486, BUT if your never used anything but windoze and dun have al the books (OR speak another native langugae than english) the transtition from w. to Mandrake is quite easy.
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    'appy new year.

    Mandrake is something I think I would like to try. Been told that it should work on a partition on a win machine and that its good for a newbie. But I've come across a problem, can't download it anywhere for free, thought it was for free. Seems to be a cost due to development, is that right. And the fact that I don' wanna leave out my creditcardnumber.

    In short, how and where can I get a hold of Mandrake (What version ?) ?

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    You can go with any distro. Just because your a newbie doesn't mean you have ot go with Mandrake ( Although that is a sweet distro )

    It'll just take time to get use to it.
    I'm running win right now, gonna install Slack in a few days when my modem arrives.

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