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Thread: IE 5.5 & 6 Security Update

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    IE 5.5 & 6 Security Update

    Just wanted to tell everyone, that MS has one more time made a postfix security to IE, version 5.5 SP2 and 6.0.

    This fix major security holes, like local code executing, local disk lookup and so on...

    Personnaly I'm FED UP with that IE that is never secure.

    I'm so happy to go home and use my Linux box.... Hope my company is gonna move to such technos asap.

    A+ hantiz./
    Linoux c\'est de la bombe bébé !

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    That's why I use digital Navigator
    It's a free browser from
    It is one of the best browsers out there. And has some really cool features like you can change the whole look of it. It's super fast. You can have more then one e-mail client. It's way better then Internet Explorer.

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    Originally posted by freeOn
    That's why I use digital Navigator
    It's way better then Internet Explorer.

    It's just an IE "plugin"...It isn't a truly stand alone browser and, from DigitalIce themselves comes this statement-

    And because it uses the engine of Microsoft ©, it can then handle anything from flash to scripts

    It's similar to NeoPlanets piece of garbage...

    Also, this is the third time this patch was posted. The other two are here and here. Oh well. like Negative said, there should be no excuse for an unpatched IE now!

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