Hi!I just wanted to give a brief intro as to who I am and what I am looking to learn from all of you "experts"
I am a stay-at-home Working mom,and totally new to all of this.(including typing-so please excuse the mistakes!)
I have already been "hacked"I think twice.Each time it was with my Favorites in MSN.The first time They just deleted all of them,The second time they got into my daughters and deleted all her favorites,if it stopped there,I wouldn't have thought too much about it,but they Replaced them with Porongraphic sites!She is only 5 and to think that she could have seen the twisted images just blows me away!
I believe I have fixed the weekness,through the updates,but I am unsure.I don't have experince nor the patience really to figure out something that seems so confusing!
So I would like simple easy advice on my security features,in terms that are step-by-step and easy to understand.
Thanks in advance for all the help I know I will get from this site.
P.S.-I am trusting that by saying all this to you,I am not giving out an invite to screw with my computer!