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Thread: how do i do ge administrator password

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    Question how do i do ge administrator password

    hi Amigos

    how do i get administrator password for my computer at my work
    a have windows 2000 and my computer is in mode workstation

    i can access to c:

    can you help me?....

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    Look under the blotter on your supervisor's desk.
    I think it is written on a small slip of yellow paper.

    Please be careful.
    I came in to the world with nothing. I still have most of it.

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    Well I can only assume you mean to do something you are not supposed to to this computer... If you were allowed to then why don't you just ask them to do it or let them type the password in and such... Please let us know why you need this password so badly and then maybe someone will tell you what you can do. Please keep in mind that if it is for a malicious purpose then "what you can do" won't be nice...

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    I am giving you the benifit of the doubt by assuming you just lost YOUR password. Do not try this on someone else's box.
    This utility will allow you to reset the password to whatever you long as you have physical access to the machine(you can't use it to hack your girlfriend's system over the internet and impress her )

    get it here:

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    Today in school I logged into the computer using MY username and password. To my surprise, I found that I had administrator rights.

    Seriously. The only way I could possibly imagine this having happened was that an administrator logged in on the same computer immediately before I did, and when I logged in on my first try I got the blue screen of death. I aborted autocheck and voila! Administrator priviledges. But since there were teachers and librarians around and I was supposed to be doing a report anyway I just logged out and resumed my typical peasent commands.
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    hehe you should have set up your own admin account Alcatraz...just jokin

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    Heh, I thought about doin that, antihaxor, but I'd be in front of the real admin in the computer lab every day and she's smart enough to notice things like that.
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