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Thread: What is the best programing language and platform?

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    What is the best programing language and platform?

    For a persom seeking a future in computer programing ..what would be the best language to learn?
    VB in a M$ enviroment
    C/C++ in a *nix enviroment
    Java on anything?

    Or any other suggestions? Thanks in advance!

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    Tough question,
    personally I'm partial to VB. But, I switched to Linux recently and now wish I had more C/C++ experiance. Right now my fix is to have two HDs in my favorite box and switch between win98 and Linux depending on what I want/need to do. IE win if I want to program in VB or play Counter-Strike (there a CS for *nix?), and Linux for security analysis (lol) and the likes. If you like security then you may go with *nix, if you like making win users happy then go with VB. However, there is the inevitable overlap where you can write security progs for win users (make the win script kiddies of the world happy). So I guess in the end it's your personal preference/mood/tech needs and maybe just what you like better, dabble in all and see which tastes better...


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    I would say VB for a person starting out. Once you have the basics then maybe you decide to move on to a higher level language. It is best to know as much as you can.

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    Yea, I agree with Darc on this one - it's a very tough call. Your best bet is at a minimum, learn the basics of as many as you can. Then, upon working with several, you may find one you like more than the others and you could go for that one. As I see it, personal preference plays alot into it. I really like to program in VB, but when I was in college I had experience in C, C++. I just didn't like those too well, but it is nice to have some background in those languages. A scripting language is nice to know too, such as VBScript or JavaScript if your interested in web development. Hope this helps...
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    Wink If you are looking for a career as a programmer....

    The best language to learn is............

    As many as you can.

    If you want a language to start learning with, I suggest C/C++ because many of the other languages were written with a similar syntax to these. If you learn C/C++ first, you can pick up other languages a little more easily (in most cases.) If you want a good scripting language to start with instead (if you don't want to mess with a compiler) try Perl, or TCL. Both are excellent. TCL is a little easier to learn IMHO, but Perl will stand out better on a resume.

    Good luck.

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    Thanks....I will be studing visual c++ in windows(bogus) to start out with.(prerequiset for major) I will then try the unix enviroment for C++

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    knowing one language well far outweighs knowing many.
    TCL is a language lacking any real practical use.

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    Lightbulb The best language...

    Well, hogfly said it best... I'm not exacally sure of his werds but I believe they were:
    If there was just one language that was better than the rest of them, then there wouldn't be a reason to have the rest of them.
    I totally agree with that statement. I think that it all depends on what you intend to do with your career. You said you wanted to be a computer programmed didn't you. That's a wide statement due to the many computer languages that there are. For example, why would you want to learn (insert language here) if you're going to be useing (insert alternative language here)?
    If you have the time and the patience it would be nice to learn several languages but I've fount it easier to learn if you consentrate on one language. After you've learned the basics or even mastered that language, move on to another one.


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    It doesn't really matter what programming language you are using, as long as it totally implements all the object-oriented features. It's the object-oriented languages that are mostly used in the bussiness, and if you thouroghly know one programming language it's easy to learn another. And when I say throughly, I mean really deep down. If you intend to be a programmer, anyway. (But then your gonna have to sit in an office coding 8 hours a day, and I don't know how tempting that sounds).

    If I should recommend one I would say either Java or C++. Not because they are so much better than other object-oriented languages, but because there are lots of people out there that has some knowlede about them. And they glady pass that knowledge to others. You will find many sites and newsgroups that deal with Java and C++, and when you reach a certain level of knowledge, much of what you want to know isn't written in any book. You will have to ask around. At least if your dealing with bleeding edge technology, and it doesn't take long before that's where you are.

    Good luck on your choice! And remember to code like hell....

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    I would suggest you look at this thread and this thread.

    C/C++ are THE BEST for speed. For object oriented designs and running on multiple platforms it's Java, and for running on only microsoft with fast development times (but tons o errors as we all know) it's VB.

    Note. C/C++ are not relegated to *nix. Remember that DLL's are written in C/C++ too.

    My personaly favorite is Java but that's just cuz I learned it in uni and have taken many high level courses using it.
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