All was set, i was forced into the depth of the basement bathroom due to the fact that lavendar would corrupt our newly installed whirpool bathtub. The candles were lit, the cd, you guessed it, the microphones - the glow pt 2 was playing, the bath was prepared and the lavendar inserted. I began to submerge in the bath tub. The first sensation felt was an enormous dizzy feeling as the blood rushed to my head due to the heat of the water. Suddenly a problem exposed itself... I happen to be 6'6". The bath does not accomodate such staggering height!!!! I tried to make due for 5 minutes before giving up. I quickly grabbed all my belongings and ran for the whirlpool. I filled it up with luke warm water due to the lack of hot water remaining. All was set, candles lit, no lavendar this time...The microphones going again. I get in! 6'6" at it again. Bath time was over, headache still there there is no break for poor me!

good thing i have my trusty guitar and my catologue of self perscribed songs to help me unwind. Thank you for the lavendar chemical, I can give it back to you or I will pass it on to another needy soul.

Perhaps we can go to the Casa Del Popolo for vegetarian sandwiches and a show. My boss is closing shop for a week and a half starting friday.