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Thread: FBI Wants Badtrans Victims' Passwords

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    Exclamation FBI Wants Badtrans Victims' Passwords

    This article was taken from here. It was originally posted in issue #43 of the news letter.
    I wonder what they were gonna do with all those user names and passwerds... Dose any one else think that the FBI is starting to get too involved in peoples personal computers?
    Here's the story:

    Here's an odd story - remember the Badtrans worm? It has hit millions of Outlook users around the world, recording all keystrokes on infected systems and e-mailing the logs to one of twentysome free e-mail accounts.
    One of those accounts,suck_my_*****, is hosted by a San Francisco ISP called MonkeyBrains. Well it turns out that the FBI has contacted the company requesting a clone of the database of passwords and keystrokes collected at that e-mail account. Problem is, the FBI didn't have a search warrant, and the keylogs don't contain any information about the attacker, just the hundreds of thousands of victims. So MonkeyBrains thought it would be clever to respond by placing searchable versions of the keystroke & password databases online so that anyone in the world could see them. The site now seems to be partially disabled "pending legal consul." One can only wonder what the FBI planned to do with the passwords of millions of innocent Internet users, or what possessed MonkeyBrains to think it was a bright idea to put the data on the web. We'll have more coverage if there are any new developments.

    It's an interesting article and well worth the read.

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    P.S. They have the database online.

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    Good heads up! That is friggin scary how the government is controling everything...
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    Definately, especially considering that the victims of Badtrans would not be limited to the US. I have issues with my government trying to invade my privacy, through any means whatsoever.. but if the goverment of another country tries it..

    Get F#$ked... Not only would personal computer users of another country be royally pissed, imagine what organisations of that country would do...

    The legal matter that monkeybrains is facing is probably nearly every goverment in the world trying to sue their ass.. not to mention the FBI being pissed.. *you just know that they want this information for themselves, and themselves alone*
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    Lightbulb It's scary...

    Yeah it is scarry how the FBI want all of those passwords.

    <Start parinoia>
    They probaly already have mine in their database.
    What are they planning on doing with those user names and passwords?I need to get better encryption. My password consist of 500 charaters but I still update it regulary.
    They're in my box! The FBI is in my box!
    </End parinoia>


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